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First Snow
Boston, MA. 2012.

My attempt at a classic scene.

On our trip out to Boston we were treated to the first snow of the year. - I wish I had more chances to make this image again, you always learn so much the first time you shoot somewhere, and I was surprised to learn what settings looked best for this scene -- just wish I had more cracks at it.

Some info about processing, started in LR for minor lens correction, then onto Silver Efex Pro for b/w conversion, then into Photoshop to remove some elements that did not belong (a road cone on the left side), and finally into OnOne perfect effects for sharpening.

Final cropping in LR after all processing was complete.
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Wait, are you in Boston now? I'm only like 50min away...
i just made a 10x15 print of this -- came out effing gorgeous! .. :-)
Printing your work is one of the most satisfying things! That's a great image, enjoy!
Ah, Boston still feels like home, even so many months since I moved. Beautiful shot, and thanks for the nostalgia!
I bet the print is gorgeous. We'll just have to imagine it.
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