Hi everyone -- we now have over 5000 members, wow, I am impressed.

Welcome to everyone, and I wanted to bring attention to a few things I noticed.  

1 - Everyone should read the guidelines for this community, we are playing a photo voting game, and you need to know the rules in order to do the right thing.  (The rules are on the left hand side bar)

2 - Still have questions? - check out the FAQ - http://goo.gl/FX8dB

3 - I've noticed a few people voting on images that are NOT in the pool, there is an easy way to make sure you dont make that mistake. Before you start voting, select "The voting pool" topic from the left hand side bar, then you will only be seeing pool photos to vote on.

4 - When a photo reaches 10 votes (either save or delete), STOP VOTING. When you continue voting not only are those votes useless and dont count towards your 15 votes, but they make the jobs of the moderators harder.

5 - If you post in the wrong topic, your post will be removed, depending on how much work the moderator has been doing you may get a message about the removal or not -- please post to the correct topics (read the rules).

Thanks everyone. - happy lightboxing.
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