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What should you do when your post gets 10 votes

The volume of posts is increasing and I think that we can all share the work of keeping this game flowing.

1 - If your post gets 10 deletes, its OK to delete it yourself.

2 - If your post gets 10 save votes, its OK to delete your post, and re-post to the Lightbox. -- Write the score (or copy the comments) to the new post so the mods know it went through the voting pool.

This will reduce the amount of work that mods have to do to keep the pool clean. - and we can instead concentrate on removing spam and keeping posts in the right topics.
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Are you sure about point 2.

I really like the acknowledgement of "the mods". You guys are doing a great job ;-)
This idea could sustain a profitable an app. hint hint ;)
+Chris Stivala .. i think an app or a chrome plugin could help this group .. love it anyone wanted to to take this on.
Not sure I just volunteered, but if that is what it takes to get point 2 reconsidered I would consider accepting the challenge ;-)
my background is in windows dev using c++ and it's been awhile. I'm not sure if we can even script it to see the votes and verify then move. It can be done as a stand alone but I think there might be some limitations to using g+ because of the api(s) that are (not) available to us. Hmmmm.... If anyone has a clue and can help I am willing to do whatever I can.
+Boris Vanrillaer .. thanks for the input -- i was being funny .. -- and i do get that alot of folks love getting the congrats .. so this is just a suggestion .. for everyone who feels comfortable doing it.
Makes a lot of sense, I thought we had to wait until we were invited so that it could be validated, though happy to just get on with it myself.  

Can this be put in the "about" section which describes the rules?  Would help to know this without having to search for this particular post (ooh, if only G+ Communities allowed stickies, eh?)  :-)
Just remember that if you delete your own post, it will not continue to live on your profile for you to return to it to read the comments later if you want.
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