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Star Photography Post Processing Video Tutorial

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I have put a ton of work into this 3 part video tutorial that covers my entire Star Photography Digital Workflow. With my step by step digital workflow tutorial you will master night sky photography post processing in no time. My star photography tutorial covers all the bases starting with RAW file conversion and digital blending; then, on to luminosity masks, and, finally, color correction as well as final edits in Photoshop. I provide you with the files to follow along with me as we process these shots...

Check out the link below for a full rundown.

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haha, except for you its tripple cost.. gesh:)
+Dave Morrow .. you know i NEVER reshare stuff to get anything .. but getting more info on how to create awesome night star photography is worth breaking that rule.
haha +Ricardo Lagos I agree with you. I never do either,  but yes, I would have done the same thing.. Enjoy that stuff man, let me know what you think:)
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