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Night Visions
Williams, CA. 2012.

Thanks to +Thomas Hawk, a few lucky photographers got to spend an evening at this bus and truck graveyard. The owner of the property actually restores these beauties and has a huge lot full of buses for parts (or just decaying).

We braved the rather large spiders, and aggressive mosquitoes to get some fun images. My first time doing light painting.

Partners in crime were: +Brian Matiash , +Julia Peterson, +Thomas Hawk+Amy Heiden, +Jonathan Goody, and +Michael Bonocore.

BTW: +Jonathan Goody  what model #Coast   flashlight did you let me borrow, it made focusing so much easier.
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Very cool - sounds like a fun trip! I need to get a much more higher powered LED flashlight, although I have a very nice and small $45 Fenix LED light and multiple headlamps in my camera bag. A big one would be nice too. I hear good things about Coast. I think +Amy Heiden was telling me about them, a while back, and she wrote a review on her blog if memory serves me.
+Jonathan Goody brought several products from #COAST  and i'm going to buy one of their smaller lights since it worked so well for me.

This shot was lit with the #firesword  that was given to me by google a while back -- thing is bright.
Nice work Ricardo! Impressive first attempt at light painting!

I do have a few reviews for Coast lights on my blog. The two lights reviewed were borrowed by Bonocore and Matiash that night. Let me know if you'd like links. 
+Amy Heiden rock on, girl. Thanks for posting the link to that review. You really got me hankering to do more light painting.
+Brian Matiash : Sweet! I wanna see your shots. (And I'll be sure to bring an arsenal of lights to Portlandia.)
+Rodrigo Alvarez yeah! -- that talk really helped.

Night shooting and light painting can be rather frustrating on your first time out, but seeing the awesome work of +Troy Paiva, kept me going until i got a few images i'll be sharing over the next few days.
a fun night out.  Love the sky in this one against the red trust.  great contrast.  :)
If you light from more oblique angles to the camera, the subject won't appear so flat.
+Troy Paiva thanks -- i'll try to move around more next time.. also i'd like to try lighting the scene in multiple exposures - and then blending for the final image. 

i did a little of that in this image -- the buses in the rear were not lit in the image i used so i layered a separate image that was blown out in the foreground, but had good lighting of the background buses.
+Ricardo Lagos  Cool man, have fun with it.  Light painting will give you years of new techniques to explore.  And yeah, Ted does grow his spiders and mosquitoes mighty big.  After donating a quart of blood last summer, I only visit the Williams yards in the winter . . .
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