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Hi everyone...

I wanted to remind everyone that interacts with me on G+ and on photowalks, that I do not represent Google in any formal way on Google+ or on Photowalks.

I do work there, I am engineer. I write software, and my role at Google, does not include representing it to the public.

That being said, I love helping G+ users whenever I can, but please do not be confused, and think that my actions on G+ (posts, comments, hangouts, etc) represent Google's points of view.

Any views expressed from this account on G+ or on photowalks, are my own opinions ONLY, as a private citizen, and NOT as a representative of Google.
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Ummmm... is there a Google lawyer standing behind you with a shotgun, watching you type this??? ;-)
+John H. Moore .. i can't comment on that. lol -- lets just say that someone must have made this mistake, and i'd rather not have it happen again.
espero que nada malo haya sucedido para que des esta explicación, pero la verdad es que yo pensé que tu trabajabas ahí...
+Cecilia Lagos nada serio. - si trabajo ahi, pero no soy representante al publico .. nadamas un ingeniero.
he visto que rabajas con mucha pasión, y eso es maravilloso... ah! porfa no digas "nada más" un ingeniero.... ya que tu labor y tu amor a tu empresa, que es muy evidente, no te hacen uno más... eres especial.!
Whoops, my bad, +Ricardo Lagos. I figured your participation in Photowalks was an attempt by Google to fill in blanks in the Street Views database.
+Ricardo Lagos I live in fear of someone mistaking my words for The Companies. Sorry that happened to you. :(
+Erica Joy i think that 99% of the folks on G+ understand. - and the funny thing is that the 1% that doesn't wont read this post.
roma g
so all those beers I bought you wount get me a google+ camera strap in the mail NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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