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I just saw this pop up into my stream .. really cool video. Check it out, share it with everyone who compares themselves to magazine models.
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I love this - "it is how it is..." thanks for sharing!
It may be common knowledge (to most) but it's a message that bears repeating. It's too easy to forget how much of the world around us is an illusion, especially for those most vulnerable to the negative effects of some of those messages.
wow -- so awesome that lots of people are sharing this video -- it was posted to you-tube recently and deserves to get a large audience.
Thank you for sharing. The light that shines from within is what makes a person beautiful.
To everything there is a dark side. I'm very proud of my long involvement with Photoshop, but I still feel that twinge of guilt - especially when in the grocery store checkout line. It's not just the U.S., though. In some countries, the retouching is oriented around making the models seem more 'western'. Makes me sad.
2:53 haaaha! they dont like her teetth XDD
+Steve Sampson We can't forget that kids are still kids. How many middle school students know what a dark room is, much less have been inside one to develop photos? It's exceedingly obvious to those of us who use Photoshop every day or understand many of the psychological tricks of advertising.

Granted, many kids these days are so familiar with technology that they're probably using Photoshop too. The point is, everyone has to learn it for the first time sometime. The more often it gets repeated, in new and different ways, the better.
I wish I had someone doing my photoshop :)
but you know what - I earned EVERY wrinkle with experience from life & enjoying my kids, and I wouldnt trade that for anything in the world.
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I love that. Appreciate the work :) this was the key word for me. It is an art , witch does make some people jealous :) Thanks for sharing :)
why don't u mute it, if u r so disturbed by updates on this..
+Steve Nelson the posts labeled Hot on Google can be turned off or limit how many appear on your profile. Technically nobody is posting on your profile so you can calm down now.
The question now; If we all know (because I already knew about all this) that models are made and photoshoped, and that such behavior has a huge negative impact on society (mainly women, and come on, we ALL know this), then why are there still such pictures? Why are they STILL photoshoping women? Well, quite simply, sadly, because people like this. So enough said, you all deserve what you get. And quite honestly, I never liked "models", and I find almost all women in that clip more beautiful before they undergo the makeup and stuff (the rest is meh in both before and after). IMO.
Someone with really good photoshop skills should do a "models are made" but with what was considered "beautiful" in the 1700's. It's really sad that women feel the need to look like photoshopped people.
Brilliant video - hopefully some of the intended audience will actually see this...
makes me wanna get the professional model treatment. would be cool.
OMG. they totally whitened that one girl. No wonder bleaching creams are popular again... Ridiculous.
That's deep .... I like it alot thanx for sharing
What can be done with make-up and lighting is amazing. When you add photoshop into the mix your final product is less a likeness than a caricature.
Amy J
Take for instance all the guys who want Leila from Futurama. ;)
Thank you...I know I like some pictures of me, and some I despise. A lot of women I know should see this.
This is a video all young girls would benefit from viewing. Thank u photographer for caring. :)
This is very similar to the messaging in the Dove commercial that was linked in an earlier comment. I like that it's able to make the point w/o demonizing the fashion industry.
This video is talk about something true, models get too much makeup and are edited in picture too much. By the way, I do not use photoshop, but sometime I like to edit my photo for fun, this is why I know that models photos are fake, but even photo from camera are fake because camera normally take photo in 3 colors and enhance it by themselves to match the lightning in the background. Do not compare yourself against others, even in person, because your beautiful no matter how you look.
I don't know about "too much", I think the problem is more young people are not-enough aware that a picture in a fashion magazine is not real.
hi! thank for sharing i learning more. bybyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
thats gonna boost some confidence in da gals

Photogenic or not....welcome to the world of photoshop! The downside to being photogenic...people just naturally expect you are as gorguz in person.
Pretty nice i liked it good deal for models
this video should be shown in every school across the world !!!!
This is the "professional ethics".... I appreciate :-)
I thought this was common knowledge these days....
Great video and lesson. Thanks for sharing.
agree! that's why society get a distorted sense of beauty....
I think it's important to create awareness when it comes to photoshopping fashion photos. Even though I'm aware of the possibilities of photography and post-processing photos I find that I'm also influenced by the 'perfect looks' at times. Thank you for sharing!
people are not digitized (i hope) more foundation , please
good one thnx 4 sharing ..I think all men should watch :P
real great video need to be released world wild to stop the young gilrl staving there selfs and pilling the make up on
id like to fuck that woman too
interesante es un arte bonita
Thanks for sharing. I am going to share with my granddaughter. This will be very
Thanks, with this kind of tecnology, we cannot believe what you see.
I liked the use of the words "average" and "illusion".
I remember being in school and having a class talk about the process of retouching and the difference between the photos and the finished image. We spent almost 4 weeks on this and in a matter of minutes you were able to explain and show it with this video. It is so nice to see the people involved with the process, explaining it. I think it adds to the legitimacy of what's being explained. It's not just their parents and teachers saying this to try and pump your self esteem, it really is how it goes. :) Thanks!
This is great can we show this on TV and at movie theaters
More young women need to see this!
it is how it is. this was splendid!!!!!!!!!!!!! i should wish the world could view this. grateful :)
This is great and thanks for posting this kind of video.
Its really a great lesson for today's girls.
Love the last statement!! We should really focus more on the skills and work that has done behind those gorgeous looks. Without all those touchings, who is to be a model than just a normal girl?
Thanks was very interesting an knowledgeable. For us men to know. Peace!!!!!
haha, I sent some pics I took to a girl (the pictures were of her) I didn't do any retouching as i wanted to keep it real, she thought I was crap at what I do. I guess she didn't like her own natural appearance.. she needs to see this video
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