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Ricardo Lage
Android Developer, creator of MindMe Smart Notifications and AlarmPad
Android Developer, creator of MindMe Smart Notifications and AlarmPad

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I am sad to say I am officially stopping the development of AlarmPad and my other apps. It has been a joy to work on them and get the amazing feedback from you over the years. I learned a lot from the experience and feel realized to have come this far with the apps.

I am stopping because I have recently joined the Android team at another company. As much as I liked working on AlarmPad, I am more excited about being part of a team where greater things can be accomplished together. I don't want to say much about it yet but will in time.

I will keep the apps on the Play Store at least until Android N is released later this year. If updating the app to support N is not too difficult, I might do so. The server synchronization part of the app will stop working at the end of the December, unfortunately.

Finally, I want to thank you all one last time for your amazing help with feedback, contributions and kind words. I wouldn't have been able to get AlarmPad this far without it. Most of all, thank you for using AlarmPad everyday. For relying on it to wake up every morning.

Thank you,

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The first update of AlarmPad for Wear is ready!

WARNING: You need to completely remove (uninstall) the previous version before updating to this one.

- New layout and animations
- New app on the phone to make sure everything is configured properly
- Set alarms to ring on your Wear device even when not connected to the phone
- See the weather forecast for your location directly on your watch after dismissing the alarm

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It's almost ready... #AlarmPad #Wear

If you bought the PRO version you can now join its test version by visiting Once there, click on "become a tester", then download the updated app from the Play Store.

This has been a long time request from some of you and I'm glad it can finally work.

Version 1.9a12 published


* Preparing version 1.9 for official publication
* Updated translations: French, Italian and Portuguese (+Giampaolo Frello, +Pauline Casaux, +Thiago Ortiz, thank you very much for your help!)
* Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9a11 published
This will be the last major update for version 1.9. As soon as it is stable, I will start publishing it to AlarmPad Free and PRO users currently on version 1.8.

Thank you very much for your help.

* Support for Android 6.0 fingerprint sensor: You can now choose to dismiss or snooze your alarm by scanning one of your registered fingers
* Support for Android 6.0 backup system
* Added option to show/hide the "flashlight" or "mute alarm" buttons on the alarm screen (those options are available on the "alarm screen options" section)
* Bug fix: Option to ignore alarms on calendar events should now work properly
* Minor other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9a10 published


* New button on the alarm screen: temporarily mute the alarm
* Increased max snooze time to 60 minutes
* Bug fixes related to triggering events on Tasker
* Minor other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.9a9 published (skipping 1.9a8)

WARNING (really!): This version finalizes the update to Android Marshmallow, making significant changes all over the place. Please make sure to have backup alarms.

* Final major update to support Android Marshmallow: The app should now ask for the needed permission(s) every time you select an option that requires it.
* New dismiss option: Scan a QR code
* New button on the alarm screen: turn on/off the flashlight
* New display calendar option: Show (and speak) the details of your next appointment
* New display calendar option: Ignore declined events on the display list
* New option in the settings menu: Select on which stream to play the speech
* Bug fix: Play the alarm even if notifications are disabled for the app
* Bug fix: Automatic synchronization across devices should now properly work (if it is still not working for you, try logging out and logging in again)

Version 1.9a7 published

WARNING (really!): This version continues the update to Android Marshmallow, still making significant changes internally. Please make sure to have backup alarms. For more details, see:

* Ongoing work to Android Marshmallow support
* Many internal changes to support future developments of the app
* Bug fixes

AlarmPad is almost 2 years of age. For a mobile app, that's kind of old already. When the app was first published, Android KitKat was the new kid on the block.

Two major Android updates later, it was clear AlarmPad was in need of an overhaul. For the last few months, I have been doing just that. First, I have been updating the app to support the new features of Android 6.0. Those will be done as soon as I get a device running it to properly run the final tests.

Second, AlarmPad grew too large and hit a hard limit in the code. For those of you technically inclined, the app surpassed the original limit of 65K methods it is allowed to have. That became a problem with the old platform I was using to develop the app. So more recently I have been working to port the app to work with the new tools Google offers for app development.

To sum up, that means a lot of internal changes took place in the app recently. More so in the version 1.9a7 just published. This is the first version under the new development platform, with updated code and libraries. No major problems are expected but I will be monitoring this update closely.

I apologize in advance if something catastrophic happens. And thank you very much for your help testing the app.
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