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Ricardo L Rodriguez
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland area
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland area

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My comments to the FDA on Adipose tissue regulation in the context of Stem Cell regulation. 9/13/2016
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There are unscrupulous people everywhere preying on innocent people.
Please don't fall into this trap.

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I had posted this some time ago but it got some kind of spam ad on it.
It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen on the nature of subcutaneous tissue. It has affected the way I do fat grafting.

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Every year I make a trip to Armenia to do surgery at Avangard Clinic. My original connection is with the clinic's director, Gagik Stamboltsyan who came to Yale to train while I was on my first year as faculty. When he came back to Armenia with the assistance of Dr. Stephan Ariyan who was then Chairman of Plastic Surgery at Yale, he established the first Plastic Surgery training program in Armenia, modeled on the American example he saw at Yale.

The purpose of these trips to teach young Armenian surgeons state of the art fat grafting techniques. The emphasis is on rigorous attention to all the steps of the procedure including harvesting of fat, processing of the fat, and careful injection of the fat graft. Operating on the left is a first year Plastic Surgery Resident, and on the right a surgeon who is in her second year of private practice.

The patient had Poland Syndrome, a condition in which one of the breasts is severely undeveloped, so we had done a breast lift on the right (normal) side, and fat grafting to the breast on the left (affected) side.

 Over the next few days i will post some pictures related to my experiences in Armenia.
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The Lifestyle Lift was billed as  a quick fix facelift, but as for many things in life the quick lift did not work for the patients nor for that matter, the company itself.

I am a Plastic surgeon and work with skin everyday. Like most surgeons, I thought of the elasticity of skin vaguely as related to "elastin fibers" of collagen. The real story is mesmerizingly gorgeous and this film captures the beauty and the unexpected influence of physics and geometry. The narration is superb, taking you on a flight of ideas to a new plane of understanding. Science at its most poetic and transcendent. #skinsurgery   #plasticsurgerystory   #Fantasticvoyage  

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This is mainly tied to 2 things:
1) Healthier patients (less smoking and drinking  than in the past)
2) Safer anesthesia, including conscious sedation.

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