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::Start-up Online Photography Teaching Business for Sale::

Due to a personal matter and a redirection in priorities, I can no longer continue running a start-up business of mine that provides 1-on-1 photography training services as well as weekend photography tours Australia-wide. Sadly the business has been sitting a little neglected for some time and needs someone new to run it and direct it on a new prosperous path.  

Everything has been set-up so you can just take-over and start promoting it.

This online business would mostly suit a photographer with time and looking to generate some income from photography. 

If this is something that you might be interested in then please contact me by email at: and I'll send you a 2 page PDF which outlines more details and I'll also answer absolutely any questions that you have (via email or Skype) and we can go from there if it's still of interest to you.

Please visit the website at: to get an idea of the kind of online business that it is.


Just some things that are included as part of buying this business:

>Complete functional e-commerce website with intuitive easy to use back-end content and shopping cart management system. The website includes the following:
-Course and tour online booking capabilities
-Messaging/communication and notification system between photography tutor and customer
-My account section that enables photography tutors to update their profiles, check bookings and any messages
-How to video
-Integrated email subscription and newsletter distribution capabilities
-Gift Voucher system
-Review and rating of each photographer by customer capability
-Fully responsive and cross-device compatible design
>Promotional stocks of:
-Colour T-shirts
-Double-sided coloured Fliers
-Car Stickers
-Double-sided coloured Business Cards
>Training Guide booklets
>Existing network of photographers Australia-wide
>Complete handover including 12 months of unlimited post handover support

Thanks for your interest and reading this far.  
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Ricardo Da Cunha

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I've been thinking a lot lately about how I can help the plight and suffering of stray dogs here in South America. In Santiago alone, it's estimated that there are between 1 and 2 million homeless neglected dogs fighting to stay alive. More than food though, what these dogs crave the most is love and affection. Seeing the sorrow in their eyes has deeply affected me and dominated my thoughts of late. It's as if their spirit has been stolen from them...

Part of me wants to do something meaningful with my life and start-up a new campaign and devote my energy and focus towards doing everything that I can to raise public awareness and funds to lobby for government legislation to impose mandatory free de-sexing and to implement dog welfare and responsibility education programs. Although there are already well established groups doing good things, and what they really need from us is funding so that their voice can be heard.

So to try and help a little I'm going to be trying to sell a limited set of 5 South America based image prints (5 of each for a total of 25) where absolutely all money collected will be donated to various group's trying to help. I will foot all printing and shipping costs as my contribution. You can buy each 20" print (printed on fine art paper) for only $200 AUD delivered and know that there will only be 4 more like it ever sold. But better than this, you'll be able to take pride in knowing that you will have also donated to an amazingly meaningful cause to ease the suffering of human's best friend in less fortunate countries.

A receipt for the donation of your purchase amount will be delivered with your print so you can also use it to claim a tax deduction.

Please help. Together we can raise $5K which can go a long way...
Here's print no.1 of 5 up for grabs yours printed on fine art paper for just $200 delivered and with all money donated towards the street dogs of South America.

Strictly only 5 prints will ever be sold.

This is Volcán Villarrica in Chile standing at 2847m above sea level. It's an active volcano where there is frequent smoke blowing out from the crater and from where a red glow can be seen at night.

Please just either send me a message or leave a comment below if you're interested and I'll be in touch to do everything else.

Of course you don't need to buy a print to help so please let me know if you'd prefer to make a smaller donation and I'll tell you how you can do so.

Thanks for the support.
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Ricardo Da Cunha

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Captured on the Navimag ship whilst cruising through southern Chile's fjords
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I've been invited to become part of a refreshing new group of photographers called The Light Collective. Together our purpose is to grow and develop together as image makers and collaborate on some exciting projects.

The Light Collective are Adam Williams, Ignacio Palacios, Ricardo Da Cunha, Paul Hoelen and a fifth photographer will be announced very soon.

Please check our new site and sign up our mailing list to receive our updates and for exclusive invitations.
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Wow Ricardo. What an awesome group you all are. looking forward to more inspiration coming!!
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From the fairytale landscape of Castle Hill on NZ's South Island

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Lord of the rings country
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Some new images from the South Island of NZ

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Ricardo Da Cunha

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Some new images to add to my on going Motion Project
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Hey guys recently I was lucky to be given the opportunity to be featured in the current February edition of the f11 magazine. If you're interested, there's some info about me and I also answer a few questions. You can read the magazine online or download a PDF version all at the following link:

The f11 online publication is a class act and beautifully presented, and best of all, it's free to read or download online. I highly recommend it. f11 Magazine has a social media presence on Twitter (@f11magazine) and on Facebook (f11 Magazine) should you be interested.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I'll have a couple of Volcano pics from Chile to share soon

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Looking forward to the Volcano pics :)
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Ricardo Da Cunha

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My first image to share from here in South America. This kind of image is nothing no one hasn't already seen before, especially the way it's been processed, but it felt natural to process in this way so as to emphasis attention on the iceberg and the luminance of it that I remembered at the time I captured it whilst on a kayak.
This image is from Grey Glacier & Lake from the famous Torres Del Paine National Park in far southern Chile Patagonia. This area has some of the world's largest glaciers many kilometers long and running killometers in width.
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Very kind thank you guys
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Human nature pays respect and shows sorrow for a sad lone standing tree.
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Dear +Ricardo Da Cunha 
Congratulations! Your wonderful photograph has been selected through +Photo Mania Australia  to be displayed at +Photo Mania Global ! You’re cordially invited to visit us at +Photo Mania Global and check out the daily selection of the very best photographs from all over the world shared at our Photo Mania country pages!
+Rodolfo Seide  is wishing you a great day!
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A few new pics as part of the recent B&W Challenge that's been doing the rounds lately.
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Amazing. .
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Australian Landscape Photography by Ricardo Da Cunha

My images portray a world that I seek; one that is simple and void of the clutter and noise that increasingly dominates our lives.
I like to give my subjects space for them to breathe; just like I need to find space so that my soul can breathe.
My images are often not true renditions of what my camera sees but more importantly they are true representations of what I felt or I thought I was seeing. To me this is more important as it enables for the photographer to enter and become a part of the photograph, and therefore adds the personality that helps make images unique.
As my photography evolves I now aim to produce images that more closely reflect on the person I am. Today I aim to produce images with a vision to inspire people to simplify their existence and appreciate the very few things that truly bring happiness into our lives. Therefore my images now portray a more simplistic style. They aim to simplify the complicated mess that a landscape can be and focus on trying to capture space, light and textures. Long as I remember I’ve subconsciously tried to simplify everything in my life, one of my core values, and so incorporating this approach into my photography has been a natural progression. It’s this underlying vision that guides all the choices I make in my photography today, along with a willingness to experiment to try and create something new.

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