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Why hello XBMC and 720p MKV :) (ODROID-U2)
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Does hardware acceleration works for video playback? 
+Avri Roth Depends on the player. Dice (which comes with the U2's images) works better with SW (HW skips sometimes, SW doesn't). MX Player's "HW+" decoders work fine, though.
+Ricardo Cerqueira thanks for the quick reply how is XBMC native player hardware acceleration ? 
Andy L
These are the issues I ran into with the MINIX Neo X5. Rockhip doesn't play well with moofies :/
+Andy Lane you'll have to use an external player for XBMC until the devs there can implement more H/W acceleration for Android... of course that all depends on chipset vendor support...
Andy L
Yeah, the chipset support was lacking. Makes me interested in Ricardo's set up. Android TV? Maybe CM can make it happen.
I dunno if the required headers & libraries come with the U2 to allow that to happen. +Ricardo Cerqueira Does Hardkernel provide any source materials to make H/W accelerated playback possible natively within XBMC?
Why would you watch the saddest Doctor Who ever!   Tears every time i watch that.
That link is for ubuntu, android should have fully working HW video acceleration already.
+Daniel Loader  no, sorry they don't have H/W accel in Ubuntu or Android. They use Playerfactory.xml hacks to use DicePlayer or other external players for XBMC. S/W decoding runs ok across the four cores at low bit rates. The link was merely a reference to the supplier awaiting ARM & Samsung negotiations which seem to be ongoing. 
Yeah sorry but it's x11 only, Android works fine...
That is not android nor odroids fault.
Internal accelerated playback is limited to AMLOGIC SoCs at the moment.
It's worth clarifying anything to do with x11 development has approximately zero impact on Android performance.
I know & as per my previous reply it was a reference point of the negotiations between the vendors to gain access to sources or development kits. One can deduce that both Android & Linux are part of the same arrangement. Its highly unlikely Samsung & Arm will release materials for just one of the platforms.
Considering the binaries already ship in the android image for HW acceleration and none for linux I suspect this isn't the case at all.
Really? where is the development documentation for said binaries to take advantage of H/W acceleration for H.264 etc?
XBMC ? Why? Media Portal is the way to go. 
Is this running on Android or Ubuntu? Have you tried Ubuntu on it yet?
Yeah, kinda figured that about 30 seconds after I commented and saw all your other posts. My X2 is waiting for me at home. Have any complaints with yours? My goal is a XBMC media center... looks like  you already have that going though.
Yeah, XBMC should work pretty well even with the stock image. hardkernel's odroid forums link their own builds of it
+Ricardo Cerqueira Do you know if this device (ODROID-U2) has an internal battery to keep the date?  I mean, does it keeps the date after you restart the device?
+Ricardo Cerqueira  Oh Ok :(.  I'm working on an App that relies too much on time( actually, the time is everything)...Do you know of a similar device that can do the job?

Thanks for your quick reply!!
Rob M.
I should have known a Google search for xbmc + odroid would bring me here :-D

Now to flash CM10.1 since I've run the stock ICS for ~4 minutes.
+Danny Rosen that would be AMAZING if it works!

+Ricardo Cerqueira this is exactly what I want to do with my Odroid-U2. Could you please let me know if XBMC works with the following:

- 1080p movie playback
- Surround sound playback (just to my stereo TV. But most of my HD movies have Dolby or DTS soundtracks so I'd like to hear it still :P)
- Reading from an NTFS external harddrive over USB?

Thanks a lot!
Mu Odroid-U2 wont recognize a usb flash drive or harddrive both formatted to FAT32. What am i missing?
I bought U2 ,but i have some problems this device ...
U2 hardware same to Note 2 ..
But it can't play 1080p videos.
I tried android and linux versions but all same..
My ex raspberry pi very good play 1080p videos than U2 and it has HDMI-CEC control ..
I wrote U2 forums but still no solution..
Any idea ?
+namık tırak Hi, So i too installed Ubuntu only to find out it does not have video decoding or netflix support. With android I cant get video in netflix just audio. But for 1080p I have been using MX Player while selecting S/W decoding from the top right corner. XBMC seams to play some video formats fine others are very low frame rate or no audio. Hope this helps.  
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