Time to make some LG users happy... :) We have some new supported devices, for which CM7 nightlies begin tonight:

LG Optimus 3D (p920): http://get.cm/?device=p920
LG Optimus Hub (e510): http://get.cm/?device=e510
LG Optimus Pro (c660): http://get.cm/?device=c660

and the return of nightlies for...

LG Optimus Black (p970): http://get.cm/?device=p970


- The Hub and the Pro also got RomManager support tonight, so the installation procedure is the same as usual for CyanogenMod (root the device, install Rom Manager, install recovery, install ROM. Read the CyanogenMod Wiki and Forums for more details)
- Keep an eye out in the +RootzWiki forums. The 3D and the Black already have CM threads there, and I'll be asking for new forums to be created for the Pro and the Hub. I will not be doing bug tracking through G+, so if you find anything, please post it there. These devices will go into CM7.2, so don't keep bugs to yourself hoping they'll magically auto-fix by the time the release is made.
- The 3D build is for the p920, and needs the new radio. I'll start pushing p925-specific builds in a few days.
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