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Time to make some LG users happy... :) We have some new supported devices, for which CM7 nightlies begin tonight:

LG Optimus 3D (p920):
LG Optimus Hub (e510):
LG Optimus Pro (c660):

and the return of nightlies for...

LG Optimus Black (p970):


- The Hub and the Pro also got RomManager support tonight, so the installation procedure is the same as usual for CyanogenMod (root the device, install Rom Manager, install recovery, install ROM. Read the CyanogenMod Wiki and Forums for more details)
- Keep an eye out in the +RootzWiki forums. The 3D and the Black already have CM threads there, and I'll be asking for new forums to be created for the Pro and the Hub. I will not be doing bug tracking through G+, so if you find anything, please post it there. These devices will go into CM7.2, so don't keep bugs to yourself hoping they'll magically auto-fix by the time the release is made.
- The 3D build is for the p920, and needs the new radio. I'll start pushing p925-specific builds in a few days.
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Não sei o que seriam dos LG se não fosse o teu trabalho...
Does this mean nightlys in general are going to start again soon?
+Jose Islas No. Most devices supported in CM7 haven't changed in months, and the build cluster is being prepared for CM9. These 4 are being built because they're new and need wider testing before 7.2 is released (or, in the case of the Black, it still has known issues)
Ah, makes sense, thanks for the reply and the work your doing
This is great present for new year <3 finally <3 thank you :)
+Ricardo Cerqueira, how can I help to commit the code for P970? I have FM Radio fixed. Or I just post it my change into the forum? Thanks.
Awesome man, glad to see a new build for the Thrill is on the way. Thank you for your hard work :)
Any planned support for the (thrill) p925's?
glad to hear you made some progress in the p970! :D! thank you for your hard work! so how's the progress going with it?
Any chance of seeing nightly builds for the galaxysmtd? There have been quite a few bugfixes and new features added in. like TV out support.
+Solomon Seal yes on the bottom half of the article he says that he'll be releasing thrill specific roms over the course of the next few days.
Great :) unfortunately the new radio for the 3D sucks, so I went back to the old one (from FroYo) using the Thrill SK4 Build. Can I use the p925 nightly once it's out? Because I surely won't install the new radio again.
+Ricardo Cerqueira i have a few question.. after installing CM7 nightlies on my black, my SD card become corrupt.. i don't know why.. i cant even format it.. files that exist in my sd card will continue exist even i've formatted it.. u have an idea?
Mi Hö
Thank you so much Ricardo. You are doing the great work.(Optimus Black)
I shall be trying as soon as my bricked p920 comes back from repair lol
ricardo you are the man ;)
looking forward to cm9 yeahh..
Bom trabalho, ricardo podes me disponibilizar o changelog da ultima nightly 21 para o lg lgp970?
Não encontro, mas sei que existe.
I appreciate your hard work. I can't wait until we get a nightly for the LG Thrill.
So the P920 rom will not work on the P925? Is the P920 based on the GB baseband?

The P920 rom does not work on the P925.....
Well, the CM7 ROM I used for my Thrill was based on the Froyo baseband. But I was having battery drain like crazy. I even went so far as to have no widgets, only 2 screens, only gmail synced'd burn through my battery in a few hours easily. Well, I might get 7 hour with doing nothing and keeping screen off but that was about it. I tried three different batteries, recalibrating, etc. We also got a new TV and with the HDMI broken on the Thrill CM7, I now wanted to use my phone to hook to the tv with the HDMI and do some gaming but couldn't.

And the comments from those running GB based on the P920 is it has horrible reception and trouble staying on 4G.
Many thanks ! missing your nightly so hard ...
Welcome back !!!
Thank you so much for adding optimus 3d support! Finally! WOOOOOHOOOO 
i hope you do realize i use google+ mostly now just to check upon your posts. You are a hero among us. Thank you and thank you all that do better job than LG. With respect !