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CyanogenMod 9 builds for the P930 (AT&T Nitro HD/Bell Canada Optimus LTE) are now live at

I'll update this post in a bit with a link to a forum thread for followups. Please do not use my G+ posts for any attempt to get support.
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THANK YOU!!! So happy to be back to a good rom again.
Yes. that's what you get when people don't understand what they're reading.
Also, as an added bonus lottery, the next person to mention a device that isn't on topic (i.e., the Nitro and the LTE) gets permanently sent to my ignore list)
I was about to ask for a ROM for my Hoover vacuum but I don't want to get blacklisted ...
Working great, exccept, how do I add a google account for everything to sync from?
+Ricardo Cerqueira awesome work man. The rom is so much faster, and it actually supports the resolution of the screen! Thanks a lot, you made my day!
Yeah, I just hadn't rebooted yet! Thanks! This is working amazing!
That damage has made us the Barcelona Convention for users of optimus2x .... +Ricardo Cerqueira :´(
Wooohooooo!!!! THANK YOU SIR!!!
Thank you so much.. i used to check your G+ page every 2-3 hrs for this. u made my day.. :)
Same as Hem Acharya. I've been a pretty obsessive checker... Thanks =)
please do u have an idea on how to upgrade to 2.3.7 on lg C660, cannot get the thing to CWM recovery
+Odera Okonkwo no, but I can tell you how to upgrade to 2.3.7 on a Hoover Heritage II, although you'll lose suction when you capture HD video.
Yaaaaay! Now you can work on O3D!!! No seriously please....I'm begging you. I don't care about ETAs. I just wanna know your still working on it and I'll be happy.
Do you people seriously not read the comments?
jajajaja, hey people, Ricardo always works in the LG devices, so be patient, all our LG phones will have ICS, it's just matter of time, Thanks for your hard work Ricardo
as mentioned above i also felt issues with touch sensitivity
I have to disagree with you two, I feel like it fixed abysmal responsiveness in touch on the phone. Thank you again from saving me from stock rom hell +Ricardo Cerqueira #1 build is awesome
Hehe, well in any case I might not have encountered exactly what you guys are having issues with :)
Ricardo, what do we need to change for CM9 to work on LU6200 ? I've tried booting it with stock LU6200 kernel but it didn't go. P930 firmwares work on our devices very well with some fixes. Thank you !
Unfortunatly we are not getting any answer for LU6200 (won't ask anymore) and the "small" community of owners have to find a solution by themselves...
Does anyone have the Vanilla (Original LG Nitro HD P930) ROM? Screwed something up with permissions and now everything on my screen text is completely off and cant read a damn thing.
Woot! I fixed it... thankfully Titanium Backup saved my ass...
Yeah, i also will never use the "fix permissions" option in ROMmanager again.
For those who got it to work. When I back up things seem to go fine. But when I reboot and try to see the backups from Rom Manager or from CWM nothing shows up... Not going to flash until I have a backup saved...
Yo arcee!! I just wanna say that without your mad skills, we G2x and O2x user would be out in the dark... YOU DA MAN!
How can you tell what the updates or changes were from nightly build to nightly build? Any changelog, update, or readme file?
Hello,Ricardo Cerqueira,i''ve been trying to port your CM9 for 6200 users. i guess there's no major difference in hardware between lu6200 and p930 as we can flash p930's rom without problem before.the only significant difference seems to be in the flash layout. for example, on 6200, system is mounted from /dev/block/mmcblk026 while p930 is /dev/block/mmcblk027. i tried to edit init.qcom.rc in boot.img corresponding to 6200's flash layout but didn't succeed. still i'm not sure if it's due to incorrect repacking or anything else.would you please to give me some advice? thanks advance!
This won't work with "cooking" or repacking. You'll need a real programmer to do the update work in the kernel. As I mentioned earlier, I only did the updates for i_atnt.
thanks for the rely! which kernel should we try to compile from?i'm eager to learn you just need to point me in the right direction.
it's the lge-kernel-iproj repository, you can find it with the rest of the CM source.
Hi,Ricardo.sorry to bother you again. i've downloaded the CM source from following your advice. then i installed the ARM cross compiler and made all configurations as required. afterwards i issued the make command, and i could see the compilation was under way. sadly there was no zImage produced under /arch/arm/boot/ directory when the compiling finished a few minutes later. looking forward to your valued advice!
Love this build so much. On the LG rom I was rebooting multiple times daily. Now I'm very stable.
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