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Here we go... CyanogenMod 9 builds for the p990 (LG Optimus 2X) and p999 (T-Mobile G2x).
As I wrote before, these are not supported, and updates may or may not happen in the future. Do not report issues with them to me, please; I'm fully aware of what works and doesn't, what's stable or crashy, and I need no reminders :-)

I'm serious about this point: any attempt to threadjack any future post of mine into supporting one of these builds will result in me deleting the comment and blocking the person.

For the inevitable reposts of this that will happen in other places: Please link people to this post instead of linking them to the builds, especially because of the previous notes. OK?

P990: - 4830b48d1e594bd80d9f4c79996b41be

P999: - 348e791351e562f99878f5d9bcd199bb

Note: Matching kernel source is, as usual, in CM's github. The rest of the source code for this will be uploaded during next week.

Most visible Known issues:
- Scrollable popup windows (Ringtone selector, or wifi password dialog) have opacity issues (they get transparent when they shouldn't). They still work, but it's annoying. Solved in the updated builds, use as a fix if you got the old ones
- No media acceleration: No video decoding, no video encoding
- Apps made for Android 4 with their own specific graphics implementations (Chrome is a good example) will be glitchy.
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Quick question, is there GApps included, or is there an official package floating around?
Thank for your patience. I saw a lot of nasty posts on your account asking for support on cm9. I am very grateful for your work, from developer to developer :-)
Thank you very much. This is highly appreciated and trying now.
Nick Hu
Very, very excited to flash this :D
+René Krause Thank you very much. To further what is there, people will want to download "" from the middle of that page
too many downloads..can someone please mirror? Thanks.
Error (509)This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Can't download rom (
GUYS he knows...thats why at the top it says he is re-mirroring..just wait.
Thanks for your work. is possible other Mirror¿?
+Ricardo Cerqueira Ohh you must have found out it's my birthday today. Thank you for this very unexpected but incredibly welcome gift!!!
Because of too much traffic, link have been disable. Too bad. Can someone share any mirror ? Thanks
Sooooo psyched! Thanks for all your work RC!!
You should flash the ics gapps from goo inside. Make sure its the one from Feb 07
I hope we don't all take down g+ next from all this refreshing for the new links!
Megaupload would have been usefulll for the remirroring .... RIP
i can seed via torrent once i get it and there is a need for another source
Bummer could someone mirror this? Also does someone know what format is it? Cwm flash?
DL in progress......yess, thank's !!!
Awesome man! Made my week! :-D
I don't work i know what to do !!
Really, really quite good. I'm amazed. Well done RC! (and all the other awesome dudes, too!)
thanx for the build, will you post when you have source up?
guys, just wanna ask, can this build flashed over cm7 or just full wipes??
i would say full wipe. also i wouldn't trust titanium backup working for this.
FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK thank you thank you thank you! downloading :D
BUGLIST please! :)
As always, huge thanks for your selfless efforts RC.
face palm Just like anyother ROM: Factory reset including formatting system>flash ROM>flash Gapps.
I didn't see it anywhere, mind if we can get a MD5?
Working great so far, thanks a lot!
flashed... WOW!!! REALLY REALLY WOW!!!
So many people downloading. Need more mirrors!!!!! XD
Just curious if this is the new music app or stock?
Thanks Ricardo - your work is very much appreciated!
thanks for the hard work! looking forward to this!
incredible work ! I'll use it everyday I think ! But you may have forgotten no GPS in your post's list :)
If I'm coming from CM7 do I need to wipe data? 
What about the camera? Please write a + and my name if you can answer me, otherwise I won't find you xD
I'm inside, upstairs. Got a lock in 3 seconds. Camera is working alright for me as well as sound, data, calls/texts. Lovin it! This is really close to daily driver status guys. Back the fuck up and flash, NOTHING TO LOSE!
the increase in speed is stunning, ima try how this works as a daily rom
Man, is this Rom fast! Thank you +Ricardo Cerqueira for this ICS preview! Back on CM7 for daily use. Playing again tomorrow evening ;-)
Very good job! For now i give it a status daily use on my phone :)
Awesome ROM! after some hour testing really great for a RC! That´s incredible! Amazing work Arcee. Congrats
Very good rom, just the touch screen which is responding strangely ;-)
Oupsss haven't seen it, thanks i will look for it :-P
You know where it is ?
If you find it, let me know where it is. I couldn't find it.
Not work correctly, return to cm7 :(
Impressive stuff, actually very usable. Obviously there are a few bits and pieces missing but it's surprisingly quick and stable. Really nice work.
I'm going to use it as my daily device for a couple of days and see how it goes I think.
Wait so all the hardware works but we can't watch video? :s Somebody answer this please :')
MX video player works fine. He's referring to hardware acceleration. MX can do HW and SW for me it never worked on HW on GB.
mx doesn't work...also by setting the S/W..and I have problems also with the camera..
sorry, mx player woks but only with low-res with the camera?
Omg I just climaxed. Thanks so much arcee!
Thank you very much for all your works !!!
It's work very good.
Very nice rom...i hope you keep supporting it. Its amazing. Nice will be my primary driver untill an updated version pops out ..discovered some small bugs but i can live with them;)
Keep it up..thanks :)
Great job, big ups to you and keep up the good work!
camera works perfectly, cmcorder is not, havent tesded a lower resolution but 720p is not working, if your camera frezzes or crashes on first boot, just restart your device, then i should work normaly.
Great job!!! but it still needs improvement - back to CM7 ;]
This is so much faster than CM7. I don't have to wait for apps to load their content. :D
Lovin' this! Don't care about video, I can wait. This is so smooth! Big improvement over GB. Great work Ricardo. Please feel free to keep posting Alpha's, Beta's... ;)
great stuff rc, thanks for this release
Wow! Works better than I expected! Not ready for a daily driver yet, but there's only a small amount of bugs that need to be ironed out. Thanks! :D
Hel M
Is there a full list someplace of what's known to not work/be buggy? I read through the 170 comments so far and didn't see one linked, saw someone else asked and was told "only in the dev's brain", is that the case? I checked XDA but didn't even see this posted in the g2x forum.
Dev-Thanks for the ROM!
Hel M
+Ryan Roach Thanks! I'd looked for CM9 in the subject lines at XDA, and thus entirely missed that thread.
how comes you published p990 first rather than p920? I thought It would be the other way around :D
whoa,, you're awesome.. dl-ing imediately.. :p
i kanged it but await your permission to release it sent you a message on rootzwiki to link of kang
added some files i been workingon and someother tweeks its really not that hard this is pritty much the same stuff you get from source
It runs so great, will keep it for daily use even its not perfect now. Dont mind these things. But (when some apear) every update will make alot of fun:-)
It is amazing seeing ICS running so fast on my G2x. Nice work. I have a question I hope someone can answer for me. On the spreadsheet it says the Internal and external storage is working but I can't access the Internal Sd card. Is there a setting I'm missing or is it not accessible right now?
Thank you! Installed tonight on my P999. It's great! Please support it!
i've installed this CM9 , and wow nice!
but how to switch primary storage between internal-external,because i'm using internal storage ..
thanks for the quick fix on the opacity issues rc!
Thanks for support this little big mobile phone! CM team are great :-)
Wi-Fi does work fine / someone has to bitch about something as well. With all the work that the devs have put into ICS for the G2X i don't understand why ppl are still bitching. Just be happy that he even put out a version for ppl to use.
Thank you so much RC! I see my patience has paid off!
RC you are one of the greatest Dev's out there, and you know it! :)
ohohoho thnx for this little update. will be fun to test this out . Good job whether it s bad or good :p
Thanks very much for the update and the ROM - it was very interesting to try out. If this is the quality of the "work in progress", I can't wait to see the finished product!
Great work dude! Hope all the appreciation is payment enough! :)
Very nice rom, keep up the great work!
Great rom! Some little problems but really nice. For me the google navigator not working for the speech synthesis
may if i ask your guys a question ? my g2x can't find a wi-fi connection how can i suppose to do
thank you for answer
Edit : after 1 time rebooted it was useable thank you for answer and sorry if this post make you feel annoyed
Many thanks for all your work!
Any recommended radio/RIL for the O2X?
Good work! and Thanks for spending time on this wonderful device! Will download right after work today!! :D
how did you get it to run without the drivers from LG? Did the Tegra sources from Nvidia work at the end? Or is it based on some kind of leak from LGs side? +Ricardo Cerqueira
Liked it from the quick look I had, hopefully have more time tomorrow to play around - thanks for all your hard work +Ricardo Cerqueira

Edit: regarding switching internal storage with external SD, you can manually switch the mount points by editing /etc/vold.fstab the same as in CM7 (tried it & it works), tho it doesn't look like ICS likes that as you can't eject the external SD anymore as the system thinks it is internal
Thanks for your work!!! I'll give it a try ...
Works pretty well so far. Right now I can't imagine going back to cm7.
Fantastic job, maybe you could ask LG if they need some help ;) ^^
amazingly working, was worth all the wait. :D. Great work, Thanks.
Dear Ricardo and everyone who helped in this;
This ROM is way way beyond my expectations. I cannot tell you how much you guys Rock!!!! I think you will soon have over a million followers in less than a week.

Thanks for the wonderful Gift of Life for our O2xs.
Thank you so much !
wifi is not working , once blink wifi list can't connect i tried add network and static ip, same anyone have this problem? please help me,
Estou usando e aprovado!!! now testing .. and approved for now
I'll wait for the stable CM9, I'M running stable CM7 and it's kinda buggy.......don't wanna list them though. Hey I have a very valid question to any of you guys, will this thing FINALLY have a radio? I really miss it and that too SpiritFM app doesn't work for me and another question, is there any other app to flash other than ROM manager? Thanks! :-) 
i tried many times reboot turn on wifi, only after add network when turn on wifi once blink wifi list(above 3 second) then nothing show in wifi list,
i tried reflash rom(wipe, wipe, wipe), same thing
Really great, everything's working enough for my personal use : Photo, call, SMS, MMS, Wifi, Bluetooth with my car (Nissan connect), GPS (fast lock ^^) so......
Absolutely amazing, many thanks for your hard work. I'll make another CM donation ;)
Incredible that this is a Alpha-Build!!! Installed since yesterday and workin great (only some minor bugs that don't hurt for the moment!).
As for the camera...Setting the camera to 5mp seems to fix the fc. So, that's a temporary "fix". Not sure if anyone has mentioned this! :D
Man My Camera is Not working WIFI working Great, 3G Data working Nice .... Video Playback is not working, Exceptional UI experience, over all worth downloading and trying it, Now Downloading GAPPS... Wish me Luck so that can continue for more couple of Days..
Clearing my camera data with titanium fixed fc problem for me. I wiped it right after fresh install and have taken 10 pics all worked great.
Very neato. Ill have to try this out tonight.
The power profiles are wrong, those consumption distributions are meaningless
Ricardo, this rom is going better...after 3 battery calibrations now is really good. The gps fix is immediate. Network is very very very good!
So thank you and please continue your wonderful work. The optimus 2x users now have hope...
Wish we could poach the Galaxy R's tegra code, but it is still at GB so that isn't helpful.
love it, thanks! no wifi and can't get google calendar to sync but no biggie. I'm sure it will eventually be ironed out!
anyone else getting a strange problem of only receiving SMS through wifi?
your selfkang1 is working great RC!!! Selfkang0 was having some issues with me, but selfkang1 got me using your alpha build.. Thanks a lot!