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Coming tonight to the +CyanogenMod builds for the N4 ...
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Well, welll, well - it might be just about time to root and rom my Nexus4 ... had been enjoying "pure native Android" for the first time in a long time, just waiting for the opportunity (read:excuse) to stop that ...
What is that wallpaper that displays the time like that?
Its really cool looking.
The only reason why to update from Galaxy Nexus to Nexus 4.
You will need a particularly good TV for this am I right?
+Ricardo Cerqueira has your N4 been affected by the Android 4.2 wifi issue? I want to be excited about this feature, but mine couldn't hold a connection for more than a few seconds at most...
+Eder Bastos I had the same problem with my N4 then screwed around with the WIFI settings on the computer and it started to work again
+Eder Bastos I haven't really had wifi issues with the N4, other than one I had to trigger manually by manually restarting the system. In any case, as part of the miracast tests, I have been using updated drivers for the last couple of weeks ( vs the default v3.2.1.11h), and I'm pushing them to builds as well.
+Ricardo Cerqueira Thanks for the reply. I'll keep an eye on changelogs to see when a nightly that includes that updated driver and see if it improves things. I'm not optimistic, however, as it seems people are having similar wifi issues across all three nexus devices with 4.2, which I would think would point to the driver not being the problem. 

+Carmen Archuleta highly unlikely we're talking about the same thing then:
+Ricardo Cerqueira do you Know something about the state of implementing miracast for Nexus 10 there is something about this in changelog from nighly today
That's the change this post is talking about. It only affects devices that already support miracast
Haha that is cool, you got it working! 
Love Android, hurry up before Apple sue you. 
I am sad that it is a proprietary feature for my i9100 but good job on getting it to work on the Nexus 4.
+Ricardo Cerqueira how does it perform? Any notificible lag especially while gaming etc.? Also, what receiver are you using?
That's awesome! Just impressive coding! 
Miracast need some hardware on cell phone or it can be pushed to others devices like the g nexus? 
Hey +Ricardo Cerqueira , I thought the Samsung All-Share adapter only worked for Samsung devices. So I was considering the NETGEAR PTV3000 Push2TV Wireless Display Adapter to use with my Nexus 4. Can you confirm that the All-Share works with the N4? If not, do you know if the Netgear adapter works with the N4? Thanks in advance. 
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