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CM on all the things!
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haha, now for CM9 on the LG G2x.
That's really cool though.
Rob Ban
You truly are the greatest.
Can you put CM on my toaster?
Now that is pretty cool. I wish that devs like +Ricardo Cerqueira +Keyan Mobli and etc.. would make a huge call out to the manufacturers and make them understand that we users don't mind the phone to be 2mm thicker, just put a decent battery in the damn thing. Who wouldn't want a G2x/O2X a Optimus Pro a Optimus 3D, HTC sensation, galaxy s2 with a 3000mah battery or more. Who cares that the phone ways 50g more? That's nothing.
Can I get a HELL yeah or +1 ^^
Why not? In the good old days the whole back cover of a phone was the battery e.g. Nokia 6310 if remember correctly. Nobody ever complained about that. Are you happy that you have to reload your smartphone EVERY day? My opinion - take the past mix it with the present to get the future. Because when mobile Internet wasn't an issue connectivity was.
Ask anyone if they want to have a smaller battery :-D they will laugh at you. But while battery size remains almost the same screens and performance increase. It's ironic what we actually deal with just to be part of a hype ;-)
I once saw an android powered microwave somewhere on the web, maybe if we could RC one he can CM that too ;)
Hi +Ricardo Cerqueira , did you stop working on the P970? the latest build is november 17, the latest commit github is november 14... thanks
OMG let the guy have his freakin Christmas without having to cin your cout
And whats about the Lg optimus 3d?.... the selfkang 4 is not so good... i wait for the nightly;:)----
People is startin to get greedy over free stuff...Santa won't like that kind of behaviour!
Can u help me?
I need a tutorial... I want Try CM in my LG Optimun PRO :)
Exactly the same issue man, i`ve tried to Reboot in recovery like 15 times. Everytime it Hard resets my phone. Plz help man, u are like the only guy who can help :)
I would use the forums rather than clutter this guys g+ with off topic clutter.
Chris !! we are active on xda with a thread on this. So great to speak to ricardo here
Flashed it many times man, Superuser dialog comes up, yes. It says successfully Flashed recovery. Its soo strange.
PS: THanks a lot +Ricardo Cerqueira , your help is highly appreciated. People like u make android a better place :)
@Ricardo: Which ROM have you flashed on the device in the Photo ?
Cyanogen Nightly Builds ?
Stable Builds are not available yet.
The recovery is most likely bad. Try to fast boot flash recovery but use a different recovery. I've had trouble with downloading bad recoverys.
the thing is Chris ! Optimus pro has only one Device specific Recovery. Somebody also said: Its fastboot/bootloader is locked. Bt picture says CM7 works , bt we cant make it work.
+Ricardo Cerqueira works on a lg optimus pro c660h? Or it's only for lg optimus pro c660? I dont know what's the difference between them...