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Kang-o-matic 9000
(edit : this is a joke)
No I agree - it gives Cyanogenmod more credibility.
Are they aiming to maintain some degree of future compatibility with android?
They have an "Android Layer" so yes - think Blackberry - with its own 2.3 (soon to be 4.1) Android Layer
+Steven Harper currently the Dalvik vm has been removed, but I don't see why it couldn't be added back in at a later date, once the basic OS has been smoothed out.
+Frazer McIntosh That's not going to happen. Both FirefoxOS and Ubuntu Phone only differ from Android in that aspect: they replaced the VM (and the entire app layer) with their own
Ah I see - still it's a good first step into a new platform - remember early Android and Early Ubuntu - both were no where near perfect when they launched - this is even before launch.
That means CM choice was due to the number of out-of-the-box supported devices. Maybe, there will be more contributors to CM.
Interesting that they used +CyanogenMod instead of AOSP as base, really speaks the strength of CM.
+Ricardo Cerqueira Theoretically, since everything at the dalvik layer and above is being replaced, and everything below is essentially taken from Cyanogenmod, does that mean in theory any device that currently runs CM 10.1 could in theory run the Ubuntu dev preview?

(I understand that you did not actually work on Ubuntu and may not know the answer to this. I'm mostly suggesting this would be their motivation in using CM vs. AOSP. Note the heavy use of "theory")
+Eder Bastos Not all. A bunch of devices need hacks in the upper layers. But yes, I can think of a few that should work pretty much out of the box or with very little effort.

Even without the dalvik-level hacks, CM supports a lot more hardware than AOSP.
I would prevent them from using it. The last thing I would want to muddy up the CyanogenMOD name is anything from canonical. Dont forget how they treated Gnome.
And now someone needs to hack a way to change the "application level" layer between Android and Ubuntu without kernel flashing; much  like you change between kde and gnome.
+Ricardo Cerqueira Interesting. That truly does speak volumes about the quality of work you guys have done. Bravo.

+Matt Wedgwood You're right, the last thing a successful group that works to bring up-to-date versions of Linux to as many people's phones as possible wants is to be associated with a successful group that works to bring up-to-date versions of Linux to as many people's desktops as possible.
Insert noob opinion on open source & linux here.
Ha... didn't take long at all for the CM ETA requests to become Ubuntu ETA requests...
Edit: I was only curious about possiblity, not the timing of arrival. But yeah, its a crime to ask such a question.
Yeah, all CM.

Basically, Ubuntu Mobile = Android - Java + C++ + qt + new ui??
When will they start nightlies >.>
It's proven the high quality of CM and the good source they are CM and Ubuntu = a bigger community this is awesome. By the way thanks +Ricardo Cerqueira for the hard work on LG O2X I'm loving it. 
Is CyanogenMod open sourced? I know that Android and Ubuntu are, but I have to admit, I don't know if CyanogenMod is or isn't.
Congratulations. CyanogenMod is now even more obviously AOSP for the people. AOSP is Android for manufacturers. 
Basically it is as harmattan/nemo. Nothing new... Just a android kernel not debian. I had these features since N900, then N9 that is a good device. I wish for a full qwerty device like N950, E7, Desire Z etc, it is fun code a test apps while traveling, still hardware keyboard is an advantage in my eyes.
You have to charge it and is not comfortable in train/bus etc as there are no surfaces to put the phone as screen and also the keyboard. 
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