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LG Optimus 4X HD

One more newcomer to +CyanogenMod !

The 4X uses the same bootloader unlock procedure as the L9 (possible on stock version v20a and newer): type adb reboot oem-unlock , and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

While you're in fastboot mode (and after unlock), flash a CM-compatible recovery image. +ClockworkMod recoveries are, as usual, tested and recommended, and available from (or the ROM Manager app, which should now recognize the model)

CM10.1 builds are, of course, at
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i don't have this device but now i can recommend it for my friends to buy it since it is cm supported! :) 
BIG.. TNX ))) you the best )))
EXCELLENT :) thank you, I wait for it.
Heh... This is First nightly version and... everything works perfect :) I don't see any bug... 
Big thx for you Ricardo. 
Yeah, it's been waiting a long time to get published.

Fun trivia: this was the first non-Nexus device, anywhere, to run CM10 :-P
Hey RC, did you drop the G2x (P999) from CM7 updates?
hey RC how about the P870 LG Escape?
can you make a nightly of cm10 or cm10.1 fo lg optimus l3 e400? please we need your help :)
Thank You 100000000000000X
Lol how can I say you my
heartfull of thanks, I thought this will ever be possible.
is it possible to unlock a branded phone? This method doesn' work on my t-mobile ATMDBK. Is ther any chance to unlock it in future?
Ricardo, can u tell me if there is some place where we can report bugs for this rom?
TS Yew
+Justin Thomas CM7 can hardly be considered as "nightlies" anymore. My old Desire Z gets them like once a month... and they have no compelling reason to change to from CM7.2 stable.

Gingerbread's EOL. Would be nice if CM made one last update that reskinned CM7 to look like ICS/JB though :)
Relax nothing happen to your mobile. Download original euro v20.kdz and flash ROM again. 
+Amarnath Reddy what is going on then? I am a total noob btw so i dont know. could you also send me a link of how to flash kdz?
+Amarnath Reddy Yes i am new to that. im 15 years old so it makes sense. but i cant afford a new phone...
TS Yew
I LOL'ed at the convo above ^
will be samsung galaxy s3 mini ever supported?
+Justin Thomas The kernel for CM10 can't use the P999's radio, that's why. Some people are trying to figure it out, but it's taking some time. 
Joao l.
Good day.
This version has cyanogemod language PT-BR ?
Works like a charm! Keep up the good work! 
Rou Lor
First of all, big thanks for releasing the Kraken! :D My p880 runs now as hell and has alot less bugs and crashes than the stock firmware.

I see many Nightlies coming every day at but i can't find any changelogs. Can someone help me out? I'm still running the first released Firmware and am unsure if i should update it.

There is another Bug which is very strange. Apollo, the music player, plays a few Songs too fast. Do some of my Songs sound really weird :D Is there any fix for that?
It's pretty simple. When you're in the CM the update thing, just press the recently installed nightly and it pops up :)
I'm Getting "unlock permission denied" on the phone when doing "adb reboot oem-unlock" Any ideas how to fix this?
Solved. Found a script to unlock the Non EUR Bootloader. Thks.
Just one question. Is battery life better than on stock firmware? Thank you for answer.
Rou Lor
I cant compare at the moment, but my first impression was about 10% longer battery life
+João Miguel Boas. A mim também aparece isso. Podes explicar-me como fizeste para resolver o problema?
trying to install CM10.3 on P880
a) while the tutorial ( doesn't mention it, can I assume an "unlocked bootloader" is a prerequisite for flashing CM10.3?
b) if yes, any ideas what's wrong if the described unlocking process above ("adb reboot oem-unlock") is not working (instead it seems to execute a normal reboot, never ending up in the special boot menu)?
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