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Optimus G time

Since the FreeGee unlock tool now works in the international/european version of the LG Optimus G (E975), it can get some +CyanogenMod  love. +ClockworkMod recovery also supports it, either by direct flashing or through ROM Manager.

The recoveries are available at the CWM site:

And CM10.1 nightlies are live at
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As of now, it only supports those model? in the future, will their be support for the us version? 
Freegee supports u.s version has for months and we have cm 10.1 unofficial...
Hmm so can this pretty much run as well as a nexus 4 given the hardware similarities?
+1...when arrive the time for Cm for LG O4X?'s a very powerful device..
Comparable to Nexus stability? 
Does it work for 10 a version, been holding off till I know it works. Root acquired but wanna go all the way. 
Thanks, will try it out soon. I have read about a Danish fellow who also
won optimus g in a competition like I did, and he softbricked his phone.
Maybe support has been added since because this was like over a week ago
and more bootimages has been added to the Freegee app in the play store.
Oh. I'm talking about CM. I don't really know about FreeGee, it's probably a good idea to confirm that
Yeah I should probably hold on a bit since a lot of progress has been made in just a few weeks. Thanks again man! Cheers from Sweden! 
Bom dia Ricardo, desde já as minhas felicitações pelo excelente trabalho que tens realizado. Neste momento tenho um LG p700 com o CM, no entanto a comunidade está à espera de uma release baseada no JB oficial que foram já disponibilizadas as sources do kernel pela LG. Fazes alguma ideia se essa actualização está para breve? Grande abraço de Franca neste momento.
Patrik Carlsson i got the E975, and i used FreeGee's unlocker to unlock the bootloader and it works great and it fixes the few problems i had with the original software and that surprised me O.o
Yeah I am actually unlocked too. Have my doubts about flashing cm since the European version of optimus G don't have external sdcardslot, however I read that twrp always leave the data/media folder intact even though you factory reset. The system and media partitions are separated and only format will change that. Still holding on and will probably put cm on my note 2 LTE before optimus G. ;) 
i think u can trust Ricardo, he does do an awesome job, and i hope it will all work even down to the camera. i am just waiting a little myself to see what ppl say about the cm for the optimus g and if it works 110%, and there will always be tweaks that can be done.
Sure, but like I said, I need to research a little more since I don't have a sdcard slot on my phone. I am new at rooting and flashing but it all seems easier with a phone that supports external sdcards. 
That's good to hear, however every forum that I have visited seem to think that you should wipe everything to get a clean install and they all speak of external sdcards. I had to enter a nexus forum to get some reassuring that I can flash without it. ;) 
+Patrik Carlsson Most forums are either repeating the same ignorant drivel read there (or elsewhere). 90% of it is bullshit, the rest needs a grain of salt or 10. Yeah, good information exists, but it's unfortunately the minority. If most users agree on a procedure, it's probably wrong :-)

Do take care where you get your software from, though. A lot of these misconceptions started from people running broken stuff.
Ricardo, thanks for the advice, I will certainly keep that in mind. I am a safe player and I like to really be certain of what I am doing (otherwise I would probably have flashed already). Keep up the good work. :) 
do i need to flash CWM or can i use TWRP?

Ricardo if u recommand CWM then u got a guide on how i install it through TWRP then? ^^;
+Ricardo Cerqueira I tried to flash the latest nightly for e975 optimus g, but it failed about the md5 sum. Recovered and downloading it again. Maybe a corrupt download?
Patrik sometimes download just fails, no matter the browser u use, i have had this problem with the nvidia server for their drivers, i could download their driver over 3 times before i could get it to work, and then use another computer with internet and it just works...
+Patrik Carlsson Yeah, that's the most likely reason. I just downloaded and installed today's build without issues. If you don't have the tools to run an md5 checksum, check the bytesize (188909930)
Failed for the second time. assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "e975" II getprop("ro.bui (status 7) Error flashing zip and then the pathway to the zip. I have the european version 10 a. Not sure why it is working.
That's the build checking the device model. It's usually the sign of a bad recovery (claiming to be some other model). I'm assuming that's not the official CWM, since I know that one works :)
I am so happy with you :). A fully working CM 10.1 with 13 megapixel camera. Please go on like that. I was fallen in love with the design of the LG OG but you made it complete.
So, I am really pleased with cm. So pleased that I donated a few bucks. I will flash it on my Note 2 lte as well. Will not miss touchwiz hehe.
well it worked on my old P990 so i eventually kept following ^^;

but thx Ricardo, i guess i will install cm tomorrow, doing it without CWM touch :>
hmm my phone is showing 3G but not 4G/LTE and on stock rom i got 4G/LTE, so what can i do?
Some operators use different APN ids for lte. Maybe that's your case?
Ricardo i got 4G to work now, changed some APN settings, but it took sometime, but can we get like in the LG rom where it says LTE underneath the operator, i would like that feature ^^
Can I see somewhere a change log of the nightly's? That would be nice. There is a thread already on XDA but you don't post there. 
I found I had to edit my build.prop file to get lte working, changing default network mode to 8 (from 9). 
Uh... that's definitely wrong.
default network mode only applies if you don't have a network configured in the telephony options. Once you select something there, the default becomes moot (and isn't used at all). Also, mode 8 is CDMA+EVDO+LTE, which doesn't quite apply to the e975 (a GSM model. Mode 9 is LTE+GSM+WCMA).
Well isn't that interesting? Definitely only worked once I set this: telephony.lteOnCdmaDevice=1
Without any other modifications? lteOnGsm is correct (and CM ships with it), the rest isn't (and it really should not have a positive result on this model's configuration and radio). Also, lteOnCdma and lteOnGsm are mutually exclusive. Cdma takes priority GSM takes priority, if it exists the other setting is ignored.
Ricardo i had the "screen-of-death" software bug with the original LG Android 4.1.2 rom and flashing it with CM have currently fixed my problem, i just updated to 2013-04-22 atm, and i hope my phone will keep working like it does flawless ^^
Yup, ok, my changes to build.prop don't reproducibly fix my 4g issue. The correct solution seems to be change the APN settings for my network, which seem to come from the rom. How do I update these so that other users benefit? 
hmm, my camera got like a blue colour layer on the screen and picture how do i get rid of that? O.o
+Puma kun set the correct white balance. You probably configured the cam for the wrong kind of light
hmm looks like at work it was fine, but the first pic i took had the blue even on the pic O.o
Hold and press the camera preview. The configuration options pop up in a ring selector.
Today I have tried to use the camera with say cheese but it is not working on my phone. I use the Rom of today. 
Are pictures taken with the CM camera as good as the one with the stock LG camera?
So when will we see CM10.2? xD

or we should wait for CM11 ;)
Thank you for supporting Optimus G Ricardo :)
Olá Ricardo, eu  possuo um lg optimus G e971, moro no Brasil, Você teria algum conhecimento da existencia de uma rom customizável para este aparelho? abraço
after updating to "" i can't use a custom image on my Lock Screen, but "Color fill" and "Default wallpaper" works fine, but not "Custom image" anyone know how i can fix this?

i have actually downgraded to "" and now it works again, so could something has gone wrong doing flashing or something up with the update?

an update, i just updated to "" and now "custom image" works on the lock screen again ^^
Darn I miss android phones iPhones are aight but android is the best thanks 
from rom to i get "System UI has stopped" and keeps going on, so i am wondering did u change anything in the system ui Ricardo?
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