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Fresh off the +CyanogenMod   builders, the first CM10 nightly for the Optimus 2X is now live at  (Note: Some of the CM mirrors haven't picked it up yet. If you get a 'file not found', just hit the link again to get another mirror!)

LG did a great job on this (both in terms of kernel source, which we obviously derive from, and in helping us get the p990 up to speed), so even though this is the first nightly, it should be usable as a daily driver from the get go. 

CM10 will apply as an update on top of CM7, but it's possible that the skipping of CM9 may cause issues. If you upgrade directly and start getting weird behaviors, try doing a factory reset before running around shouting "bug!". DeskClock is one application known to have issues with upgrading: for that one, clearing its data from Settings is usually sufficient. As usual, people coming from anything that isn't CM (and this includes CM unofficial builds) need to do a full factory reset (wipe).

On a related note: This works only with the older (GB or Froyo) bootloaders. People running leaked ICS builds will need to rollback.
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Ben F.
<3 you´re my personal hero, sir!
I'll give it a try this evening. Thanks really!!!
That's just great. Can't wait to test it out. Thank you very much!
Ricardo rulez... any plans for further support from you for this device?
Great job! Trying to download but I think the server is a bit stressed atm :)
It's not hard to say at all... I love you man! Keep up the good work! You're amazing! Best regards
File appears missing or is it server issue?
waa,,,,thanks, now downloading!!u really awesome!! btw, any news about lg4x?? 
Thanks for all your work there going to be a P999 release?
great work, it's amazingly smooth - finally my phone is, where i want it to be!

thank you very much, ricardo
Esse Pi
Thank you very, very much. 
You saved my phone. ;)
U me make so happy dude! U are defently one of the best developers! ;) thank u so much! 
Thank you so much Ricardo, you are great.
Thank you RC, you are truly one of the best developers out there.
Kc Chin
thank you very much!!!!!
thanks so much dude, you're a legend :D
Jesssssssss... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank u so much! I will donate you some money ! :)
You're the best! Thank You from Germany ;)
Muito obrigado. Melhor notícia dos últimos meses...
Esta acusando The requested URL /software/cm/jenkins/11417/ was not found on this server.
thank you so much for this awesome work, i love playing around with it right now, so much thanks, i cant believe it, it's awesome!!!!
RC thank you very much! You really rock...
Wow, well done, congrats, and thank you!!!
thank you very much sir..... u made my day today
R Fu
After a long time Im happy again... THANK YOU!!!
i can't download the zip!!! why ricardo? what's the matter?
Muito Obrigado RC. Excellent work! CM10 for P999 G2X por favor.
Thank you RC for all the hard work done!!! You're are a hero!!!
but is empty link on cm..
only if I had words capable enough to describe how thankful we O2X owners are after this post.....

thanks a ton man..... stay blessed..... :)
I think the file its missing .. but thanks men you are a saint!!!!! 
Even thought I don't own the P990 anymore, I really love your work! Keep it going, maybe one day I will use your ROMs again :)
Awesome work ... you are a developer-god ... thanks for your hard work ... greets from germany ... ^^
+Ricardo Cerqueira  the obvious question many people will be asking is what about the P999? It doesn't say anything on the post
Complete with upgrade advice, cheers Ricardo, I'll see how I do.

Which gapps in case I do need to wipe?
CM link doesn't work at the moment, i'm downloading 4.1.2 gapps in the meantime... thx for your incredible work  :)
Great, thank you for this work :-) Greetings from Cologne
Can't believe it!
Thank you RC :D
Thanks a bunch RC, now her majesty can swap her HTC Desire with my old LG Optimus 2x. She will love it. 
Is this an Android replacement? Or the next build?
Thanks to the great man a bottle of black label reserved for you
Re Mi
Your hand is disgustingly pale D:
looks exactly like the G2X 
sometimes the file that its downloaded its a zip whit 0mb i cant download  i did it like 30 times
Is there a way to minus 1 on Cesar's comment, what a tool... Who gives a shit about the complexion of his skin....
+Ricardo Cerqueira I wanna report a bug. Its really awesome but, sometimes it "vibrates" and I cant do something different than put out the battery
Thanks for your hard work, I'll take this as an anticipated birthday present :D
Wow, still kernel I guess LG sticks to the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mantra. Thanks for all your work on this +Ricardo Cerqueira .  Also, I'll add my voice to the P999 chants here.  Would love to upgrade my wife's G2x.  Hopefully you can make it happen.
Please release for p999! but thanks for your great work!
A lot of hard work there. Thank you for the great work.
Thank you very much for everything Ricardo. Your work is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much Ricardo
Valeu Ricardo, muito obrigado. O senhor é o mestre!!!!!!!!!!
Well, words cant describe how grateful and excited i feel about this release.It works like a charm, so fast, so smooth, a true CM release :)

Ricardo u are a true hero of O2X users and we cannot thank u enough for bringing CM10 to our devices. All those donations are small compared to benefits we enjoy by using this ROM. Its truly a brand new phone now, so fluid and enjoyable to use.

Many thanks once again and always keep up with awesome work.
Anxious for testing this, thanks Ricardo!
Thank you! But if i download it i have 0KB file.
Cool stuff.  Anybody know if effort is underway to port CM10 to the G2X?  
If you experience problems downloading from CM, use torrent downloads (little green-ish button left to the filename). Thanks RC.
simply upgraded from cm7 all run perfectly no data losses..tnx
Should I install it from recovery mode ?
P999?  To curtail being inundated with posts requesting CM10 for the p999, how about making an announcement about providing CM10 for it?  Not asking about when, just asking about if it is coming.
Looking at my post history, what leads anyone to believe I do futurology? I tend to talk about things when they're done.
i own you my life...thank you :'D
Thanks Man ! 
We just don't know how we are happy with this!

You're a KING "
So if we came form CM7 we should't do the full wipe?
+Ricardo Cerqueira  Thank you very much for CM10 on our O2x. And million thanks from friends who have same device.
Thank you man! Where to sent bug reports? I have a couple.
Thank you for all your hard work... cant wait to get downloading when i get home. :)
Thank you, Ricardo, for all your efforts. 
Fantastic, Have been waiting a long time! This was worth the wait!
Thank you. One small niggle - do you foresee automatic brightness ever working?
Good job my man. Little question: no screen-off animation nor the dimming when the notification shade comes down - leftovers from before HW acceleration?
You're da man! My girlfriend would be so happy.
RC, why /storage/sdcard changed to /storage/sdcard0 ? somy phone can't access the externalSD.
Thank you +Ricardo Cerqueira for ALL of your hard work!  I wish you much continued success, especially if you turn your attention to the p999. Thank you for not abandoning our devices!
Thank you sir for all your hard work and dedication!
Watiing so long and couldn`t believe it's really coming....Thanks for that great job Ricardo :-)
camera is blue ( photo and video) and I can't see ext micro sd on phone .When I connect phone on pc I can see ext sd 
Cheers from Brazil! 
Thank you for the hard work!
in never owned these phones,nor i can afford right now,,,but everytime i hit your link ,,always give +1 to your  post ,knowing this give u more confidence for making this devices what it deserves
Hey Ricardo sorry for little OT but I want to ask if you will be the Nexus 4 maintainer because it will be awesome
the best work ever 
desculpa ja tar a fazer perguntas, mas que baseband recomendas pa quem e da vodafone (se e que faz diferenca) e que vi que na imagem tem o v10b, eu tenhu o v20q
Chad Hurd
Can't wait for p999 release! U R The Man!
The Bo
WOOWWW Thank You Ricardo! ;D
After few days of refreshing yours g+ page it's finaly there!!! Thank you for your awesome work
Thought official JB builds come with a 3.xx kernel? 
Thanks a lot! Can't wait to compare the experience on the O2X versus my Galaxy Nexus.
In reply to requests about CM10 for the p990, after the source code for ICS for the SU660 was made available by LG, you did predict the future, you said in a few days which you did today. Is it different with the p999?"

"Ricardo Cerqueira12:54
Looking at my post history, what leads anyone to believe I do futurology? I tend to talk about things when they're done."

Here's the posts:,

"Julian Müller27 Oct 2012 (edited)
I Love you Ricardo! When you release first nightlie of CM10 for my P990?"
"Ricardo Cerqueira27 Oct 2012
+Julian Müller Only a couple of minor issues left. Should be done in a few days."
Ricardo, parabéns pelo excelente trabalho, relamente o O2x está voando baixo, mas tenho uma duvida: como faço para montar o cartão externo, o music player reconhece, mas não consigo visualiza-lo no gerenciador de arquivos. desde já agradeço.
Ricardo, nas Roms CM7 tinha a Opção de trocar o Armazenamento SD interno pelo Externo 
há essa possibilidade?
Great work +Ricardo Cerqueira. I have to report that i cannot send app to the phone using the playstore webpage from my pc. The playstore doesn't recognise the phone. Is it the same for you?
(Using the phone app, it works fine.)
The P999 is quite similar, isn't it? This bodes well for those of us unfortunate enough to have that device :)
+Andrea Arlotti That means the wifi on your phone is working. You probably have your router configured to NOT broadcast its signal. I'd recheck your router settings to make sure. 
WOW!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for this update! I will try it later when its more stable, I was getting a little bit afraid that my poor good ol' P990 would not receive such an update... Thanks for all your effort!
If you were a female i would kiss you and make sweet love to you, thanks RC.
Wow nice, will its cousin (P999) get CM10 eventually?
Developers of custom ROMs need to be hailed more for their non, tiring efforts to make the Android OS the best mobile operating system ever. Kudos to you guys and keep up the good work. You also make devices that are considered EOL, still living devices.
Where is the cm9 for evo 4g aka supersonic? Anyone? PLEASE
wow! it works well and seems to be stable enough for daily. performance in benchmarks are worst than cm7, but in real use it's far better than cm7!
Thanks for the ROM, works great! But does anyone know how I can unlock my phone by sliding and then entering a pin, as opposed to just being greeted with a number pad when I go to unlock my phone?
ricardo, you're better than jesus
Im surprise to see that an older phone is able to have a new version of Android.
está espectacular uma nova vida para este telemóvel! OBRIGADO! :)
big thanks ricardo! Great work! 
Thank you so much! This is just awesome!
I'm looking so forward to updating my P990 tomorrow!
bugs:high battery drain... very slow battery charghing... lag sometimes..
Oh - you made my day :-)
Bye bye Nexus 4 :-)))
+Ricardo Cerqueira, what basebands are supported? The same ones as CM7 only? I can't find any reference to the baseband of the picture (apparently 309) in the usual places.
Is it just me or is anyone else wondering how this made it into the nightlies with a 2.6 kernel?
great work!
Very nice
USB- Connect with mac doesnt work yet
@fabian hostettler - USB Connect works with mac, you just need to read what the options in android says. "For mac bla bla bla install the filetransfer @
For everyone else, if you have problems with slow charging. Just go into CWM and wipe the battery stats under advanced
Theres a simple way to low up for about 50% of the battery draining... for NOW, until the devs dont fix it

Install SetCPU or any other app which can control your CPU and add profiles (but I prefer SetCPU)
Install it and go to Profiles
Add the profile for Screen off
Edit it to max 400 min 256 or something like that... 

Everytime your screen is OFF, your phones CPU gets to max 400 mhz, and when the screen is ON it gets auto. to 1000mhz...
So thats more than 50%... its even 60%... OMG Im a math genius !
P.S. For all of you with the POWER BUTTON vibration bug... Install ROM Manager and update to the new CWM

Im not sure what it has with the powerbutton cause Im not a developer, but after the installation and reboot... it works without problems ! :D
Thank you Ricardo! You saved a lot of P990 from flying out the window ;)
waiting for p999:)
will keep patiently waiting for the post to say "CM10 for the Droid 4"
What hardware differences do the p990 and p999 have? Is it just they have different NAND chips or something? 
just flashed gapps 4.1.2 and cm10, fast and smooth like butter.... great work...but file expert can't access external sdcard. Gallery and apollo works fine and both find media files on external memory.
maybe i need to reflash rom or gapps
thanks for your work
For instance what is preventing one from interchanging P990 and P999 roms
Amazing job, definetly usable as a daily driver, thanks a lot man!
hi Ricardo, will you give a look to the p920? now that a fully functional ics port is available it should be quite easy to build a cm9\10, isn't it?
What's the matter with it? It can't take screen shots? 
You sir, are the man. I wish I had the technical knowledge to help you in this endeavour
You are the man, Ricardo! Thank you! Long live Ricardo! Long live CyanogenMod!
Awesome work Ricardo! Updated from a previous cm7 build and everything seems to be working fine and extremely smooth. The exception being panorama shots. The app always crashes when saving them. Thanks again for all your effort! You just gave more life to our 2X :)
download and try, thanks dude
Looks better than iPhone 5 lol
Push p999 to the max Ricardo, you the man!
Great n.n i guess p999 is closer too, you are the man!!
greetings from Nicaragua e_e/
I'm guessing the G2x will get CM10 in the next few days too. Either way, I'm still happy for the O2x to get a pretty good working version of jellybean! Keep up the good work!
I got a I iPhone 5 when it came out.:-) 
hello RC, could u give us a go signal wen to kang this awesome CM10 of yours? DEV on xda won't do much without your consent.. hehehehe... sorry for deamandng so much to u :))

thank you so much RC.. Godbless
I can't wait for p999 nightly, is there a time line for p999?
Whats the name of that fruit company that makes junky phones and tablets? You know the one that thinks they are the best. Well anyway they should take notes from google on how to make a good phone .
Thank you for this. Been waiting for this.
Thank you!
Whoa, I wasn't even expecting this. Great news!

Does anybody know if this works properly on a Mexican Telcel p990h?
RC words are limited to describe your work, we owe you man!
Thank you RC & CyonogenMod! This is a wonderful surprise to start off the day:-) 
Running it on my kindle fire for two weeks
Iv been using LG. there great simple an easy to use.
thx for your cm10 of 2x~
Awesome work. BTW what ril is best for this?
Nice rom. Not major problem, but headphone buttons are not working. Can't answer/disconnect call using headphone buttons. And also, music player also won't respond to headphone buttons. 
Thank You Ricardo. My phone is now like new!
Great Job, thank you Ricardo. I have a problem. I can't access the extern sd card. It has been mount but can't access it. Btw your rom is working great :) 
ricardo you are great! I have had in the past with the stock rom and various cooked rom always line problems with wind operator Italy, especially under cover 3g ... with your CM10 my dual and another phone, perfect wind Italy! for me your rom is already stable! not gonna end up 'ever thank you!
Thanks !!!
Dont have ther phone anymore,. but im glad anyway :)
Now this is AWESOME news !!!! Thank you RC!
Awesome! :-)
is bb 0218 recommended?
This has become the best day of my week and it's all because of you. Thank you!! :D
This is amazing. Thanks for my new phone.
Muito obrigado. CM10 has bring my O 2x to a new life. And no bugs so far!!
No Problems yet, everything is working fine.

Thx a lot Ricardo for your great work.
Just tested... Works great ! Thank you RC, my p990 starts a new life :-) 
Ricardo Cerqueira, podes explicar for favor como instalo o cm10 nightly mas em portugues que o meu ingles e muito fraquinho.
Installed it yesterday, it makes the phone look/handle like a new one, thank you soooo much!
Thanks for delivering a wonderfull CM10 for p990. Can you give any recomendations on BB and RIL?
Roberto marconi ainda nao fiz root eu tenho o lg 2x a relativamente pouco tempo nao sei como fazer
My p990 starts a new life. Thank you
thank you.the JB for p990 is great..
So I can use my p990 again, after I've repaired it (simple things, replacing the audio-jack and internal battery)
Just awesome work, and we are all very thankful for it, as you probably noticed the other day ;) Hope it will give you more motivation to keep working for this wonderful community, even if some times there's a jerk or two that doesn't give you enough credit :) Já te paguei umas "cervejas" na semana passada, mas se um dia passar por ti no bairro pagar-te-ei mais uma ou duas sem dúvida :) Grande abraço!!
tinhas mesmo que ser portuges....somus os melhors trabalho espero ter cm10 para meu p999 o mais rapido pessivel obrigado pelo teu trabalho...boas
Outstanding sir, thank you for your time and efforts!
Awesome, Wonderfull, Exciting Work!!!
Thank you Ricardo Cerqueira.
excelente trabalho... o 2x que ja era otimo ficou excelente... parabens...
vai cuidar das customizacoes do 4x tb?
Meyer M
I just used CM update and just after the phone turned off, i am stuck with a "Warning logo near an android" is it normal? Please
I am missing the camera app completely lol any ideas ?
Ricardo is there going to be a P999 release like a yes or no.
Thanks for your work!" It there any chance to support you? Or could I only spend money on the whiole CM-project?
Hey, thank you so much! I'm already using the nightly build and it's just plain awesome. Jelly Bean is so great and the build is running extremely smooth. Until now I have only experienced minor hiccups but simply anything is there and working. Thank you very much dear Sir.
It works really great for daily use, haven´t noticed any disturbing bugs. Thank you so much R
which BB to match the ril?
+Ricardo Cerqueira  It works great but I have a issue with the SIP account: when I talk I hear my voice on the headphone but the one on the other side can't hear me. I don't know where to post the bug...
+Ricardo Cerqueira thank you very much for CM10 on O2x. One question I have, will you be also maintaining Nexus 4 as it is LG device? If yes, I pre-order it, else wait if its someone else.
so will HDMI out and USB OTG via microUSB work on this ?
Hi Please help me. I have download the CM10 into my P990 2X. I extract all the files. Then how do I know whether it is using the newer CM10? How can I check? Did I do the wrong manner of updating? If yes, Please advise me. A thousand Thanks.
+Ricardo Cerqueira You've done a very very awesome work getting jellybean on p990....You are the black magician! I've got only a little bug,in calls the other person can't hear me or hears strange sounds that don't allow to hear what i'm saying...Why?
no incall volume both speaker and microphone seem to be mute.
Incredibly smooth and customizable. LOVE CM! And it also has an improved splashscreen, better than the "hey look how psyco-acid I am" CM9 splash. :D Only issue with this CM10 is the fact it does not catch the WiFi signal from my LinkSys router :-/
Thanks a lot! I also added a littel to your beer fund as further thanks ...  I really appreciate, that you brought my phone back from the almost dead!
@Ricardo, do we have an FM radio app with this build. If not will be there be any app from CM.
You're truly a god among men. 
any idea if their is one in the works for the 999, been back on stock but would love to flash back to cm
Am wondering the same thing. I hope this rom is ported over to the p999 soon. from what i heard its not that different from the O2x, except for the radio, and the partitions being different and i think the baseband.  Hopefully we get a port soon.
+Ricardo Cerqueira muito obrigado pelo teu exelente trabalho, instalei sobre uma custom CM7 (gueste 2X) based e correu tudo as maravilhas ainda tou a testar mas graças ao teu trabalho tudo corre bem sem nenhum bug, a CM10 pode ser instalada sobre CM7 based Roms que actualiza sem problemas.
Yes, please release cm10 for the p999 also. 
Please, oh pretty please, release CM10 for P999! I'm still stuck on Froyo!
RC :
Can we get 16:9 ratio in camera for taking picture ?
This mode ia available in leaked ics rom..
Also inline call recording is missing in our kernels, plz devs, do something about that..
Thank's, the new is great my smartphone is very happy!!!!
CM10 for P990 very good...  Wanted to fix HDMI Buggs.(Connected to the LCD ...Screen Daofan ).
I hope cm10 Some settings some part of the Simplified Chinese interface conversion Traditional Chinese..EX:profiles、(interface ~ Launcher、lock screen、system)
RC..Thank you
Finally V30B kernel source are download able...hope it fix most bugs and problem
When do you think CM can release the stable version?
Can you share me a link, how can I rollback to GB from ICS v30a??
I really don't understand why new bootloader don't have slow charge issue while old bootloader are having slow charge issue. Both are the same kernel source. Really puzzle me.
Phil K
Cheers, mate ! Legend !
I have upgraded from CM9 to latest CM10 but the version shown up still in 4.0.4, not 4.1.2. Somebody pls help!
jes oder Nie Danach Kanst du gerne auch auf meinem Profil Scheuen 
jetzt Weiß ich das du twitters bist und Jetzt können wir reden 
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