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CM 4 balls

+CyanogenMod  10.1 support for the Nexus Q is now live, and as far as I can tell fully functional. The only caveat is that the original @home functionality does not work, and at the moment it's unclear if it ever will.

Installation of the device is simple, but possibly awkward due to the lack of normal input mechanisms. Treat it like any other Nexus device:  Boot into fastboot mode (with adb reboot bootloader ), unlock it, flash the recovery from , etc. Basically, follow the same procedure as other Nexus devices ( The N4's instructions from will do in a pinch).

Navigation in recovery is done with the Q itself: rotate the ball to navigate the menus, and tap it to select an item. Navigation inside CM can be done with either a connected mouse or bluetooth devices.

Important note if you plan on using BT input: There's a catch-22. To go to the settings menu and pair the first bluetooth mouse you'll need something else as input. So regardless of your final setup using bluetooth or not, for the first configuration run you will need a physically connected mouse (through an OTG cable to the Q's USB port)

With all that said... is where you'll find the installable packages :)
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How many people actually have the Nexus Q? Do you have an estimate?
+Jeromy Layne I'd say "as many as attended I/O 2012", since I don't think it ever became available on other channels...
Why do you think the @Home functions could not be added back. I assume they are contained in several different system APKs? Not doubting you but the original media player and link into the Play Video app (maybe try using the original video apk ripped from Nexus Q system image)
+Brad Gogats As far as I could test, they're not quite compatible with bluedroid (4.2's new bluetooth stack). It needs further work to be sure (and if that's the case, it'll require a 4.2-compatible version of the athome app stack)

As for XBMC, I'm currently using a self-built. The +XBMC guys are currently and actively working on android support, and it's a moving target.
I just ordered a replacement remote for my Sony Google TV (NSZ-GS7) to use as the input device for the Nexus Q.  Hopefully they pair nicely together...
I heard the q was up for sale at one point for a short period of time for US only and after Google decided not to sell it they would be sending them out to the people who ordered them for free.
True story?
Try saying that in one breath cause I suck at punctuation
+Ricardo Cerqueira, Thanks so much for putting this together. I really want to try it out but, I'm afraid I will miss the @home functionality. I guess I'll wait a while to see if it can get sorted out. 
I tried xbmc with the original OS, and it couldn't play even SD video without a lot of CM10.x any better?
How do we get the Q to boot into the actual clockwork recovery?
I was able to transfer the build over and i have already unlocked the Q and flashed the recovery but I can't get it into the actual recovery :l, any help would be appreciated 
just got it, feel so dumb thanks alot!
Excellent build btw
+Rod Whitby That will also send a --wipe_data to recovery. You really don't want to use that as a reboot-to-recovery mechanism
+Ricardo Cerqueira On my device, if you take your finger off as soon as you see the solid red, it does not wipe.  Perhaps it wipes if you leave it on for some seconds after seeing the red?
+Rod Whitby Not according to the kernel source, the timeout always ends up doing  kernel_restart("recovery:wipe_data")

The stock kernel may not have it, but I wouldn't rely on it.
Is there a gapps that we can flash for this?
+Ricardo Cerqueira Perhaps I didn't notice the wipe (I was hacking on the kernel at the time and recovering from a boot failure loop, and was using the stock kernel rather than the CM kernel).

I fully agree that adb reboot recovery is the preferred method for users who are not in a boot failure loop.

Previous comment and linked post edited to reflect that.
Flashed gapps for 4.2.1 and worked fine bummer is google music isnt able to be downloaded 
Sweet doing this tomorrow. Screw trying to sell it. Love you man for the support 
hmm wanted to do it now not finding the device in adb?
Did you enable adb debugging in the q app
oh lol. yeah u could tell it set in my drawer for a while
Haha it flashes nicely and works like my tab and phone tho would be great to try and get the stock streaming functions to work
hmm seems my balls flashing red and i dont see anything on the screen after unlocking bootloader flashing recovery and rebooting into recovery
Seems like its in bootloader mode 
does not seem like so. if i do fastboot command it says waiting for devices. adb says no devices found. when i do power it on circles around twice being blue then it goes into everything blinking red
An error possibly mine did that once while flashing try resetting it by holding your hand over the top until the light turns just turns red then release
seems like recovery keeps reflashing it self or something. on another note found out the otg cables i have wont fit cuz of their 90 degree angle..  angled the wrong way for the Q.. :(
+Ricardo Cerqueira actually they send a patch out to those who pre-ordered the device. For free since they halted it soon after. 
Im just wating that someone will port the Android ubuntu port to the Nexus Q, after that I'll be a nice little Unix-shell machine.
so, how closely related to the Google tv source is this? any chance it might be ported over in the future?
after pushing the recovery and adb reboot recovery the ball just started  blinking back and forth the top led and the circle, and no picture. Tried the hard reset now its just stuck on red and nothing happens :)

edit: got it booting again, but still cant access the recovery.
what i did.. when u get the red light evantually it boots. wait for it to boot do adb reboot bootloader.. flash the recovery again. reboot and as its booting do adb reboot recovery
When i flashed the recovery i rebooted the ball the in /adb reboot recover and it brings me right into it. The flash might not of took you could try to reflash it but reboot afterwards
No the issue was wit adb boot recovery, as soon i used fastboot boot recovery.img it went ok... Everything works now :)
i take that back, got a nice looping CM-bootscreen, oh well allmost there :)
+Jonne Backhaus I have that issue with my samsung LED TV. I changed the aspect ratio to stretch to fit the screen and it works perfectly fine like that
Yea its prob the aspect ratio on the tv. i have a 42" and it fit fine.

Wondering if i sideload google music if it would play on the q? Since you cant download it from the store
i arrived at the home screen, but the video output is stuck in vga mode (i didn't even know it was possible...)

now it's working on a 1080p screen. still no 720p support.
+Ricardo Cerqueira Will you be adding the possibility to use the jogwheel for volumecontroll again? In the newest daily its broken... Brings up the volumeslider but the volume does not change.
Has anyone an idea how I can get the Optical out working with the latest Nightly? Its quite interesting that its not enabled by default. HDMI works fine, its just that my amp is connected via TosLink, and Im not very keen of using the speakers in my TV

Edit: it seems the integrated AMP is also offline.

Any quick shell fix for these? Or is this a bigger kernel/driver issue?
+Ricardo Cerqueira Yeah just noticed that, and I also noticed you fixed the volume controls :) I hope you get the Toslink/optical out
working after that CM on the Nexus Q will be everything I hoped the Q should be! But Excellent effort from you and the rest of the team behind this port!
+Jonne Backhaus It shouldn't be too hard, the problem is that the only amplifier I have with an optical link is in the opposite corner of the house, and isn't mobile. I need to get of my ass and recable things :-P
I did notice that the leds turn to a light yellow or white when the device is asleep and dont seem to actually turn off. Great work tho so far
+Brad Zonka Try running setprop persist.sys.ringcolor "16711680 16744192 16776960 65280 255 6684927 9109759" as root O:-)
One one of my televisions everything works fine but on my main TV I get a werid squished 640x480 resolution but have no idea what could be causing it if it works fine on my other TV, any help would appreciated thanks
I've gotta ask a couple of Q's, can the NQ power external USB HDDs via USB OTG? And is it awesome after CM 10.1?
I must be missing something.
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
adb reboot
adb reboot recovery
red-ring/red-dot flashing and no display over HDMI....
What'd I do wrong?
Recovery should have the blue spinner. Fixed red ring is bootloader. I never saw a red flash besides the one that happens when you leave your hand on it while booting. Did you unlock it?
I had that issue. I had to use fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-
With adb reboot recovery it froze the same way as john triolo experiences. After installing CM adb reboot recovery started working.
Fasboot OEM unlock fails. Device already unlocked
After pulling my computer out to my living room and re pushing cyanogen and Google apps. I am now waiting for the first boot to finish
Hmmm.... I probably should have cleared data and cache huh. Dee Dee dee
Now what do I do to get Google music back.... hmmm....
Anybody got any idea if this ball has the balls to fully power an external USB HDD over OTG?
+Ricardo Cerqueira Sorry for asking but have you made any progress on the Toslink (optical) support? Would like to get some music out of my ball(s). Its actually the only feature that im still waiting for now that XBMC and all essential sofware (kind of) work like they should :)
If the current installed version is 9.1, is the installation that simple? :-P
+Mikko Tuomela if its rooted just install rom manager from google apps and install the newest recovery and the newest nightly for steelhead with it
Apparently you need the premium version for nightly builds. I only get 9.1 through Cyanogenmod.
+Ricardo Cerqueira , have you noticed that XBMC doesn't hide the soft keys?  Any way to disable those alltogether on the Q for those of us with input devices with android home/back buttons?  I don't need them and they're taking up screen real estate.  I tried using the Expanded Desktop feature on my nexus 10 to test it but XBMC doesn't like that at all.  The tablet resolution is still detected at a slightly lower number than native and the input gets all misalligned and screwy.

Edit: XBMC detects the expanded resolution if you expand the desktop before starting XBMC. So we would just need the expanded desktop function in the Q build and a way to activate it without a power menu...
How do u download flash player to my nexus10, been trying for 2 days
+Benjamin Donovan how's playback performance for you? Video seems laggy to me when playing 720p. Though maybe that's the wireless? I'm also getting a CM issue where the desktop is cut off on my TV by about 5% all around.
Not bad.  I think it would be better if XBMC was passing audio decoding off to my amp instead of decoding it itself.  Most of my video is 480p but I've got a couple of 720p files that seem to play just fine.  I've got gigabit ethernet run to it though.

By the way, XBMC's faq recommends an app to hide the navigation bar and after using it XBMC detects the full resolution but it also hides the notification bar.  Hide Bottom Bar.  It's 2 bucks on the play store, but it's open source so you can compile it yourself.
+Jonne Backhaus, I've been using the ethernet port since the first nightly I installed about two or three weeks ago, but support should have already been there since long before the Nexus Q started getting nightlies.  I don't think the Nexus Q is the first device supported by CM to have an ethernet port.  If it isn't working you might have a bad port.  You can try updating and see if it starts working.  Everything was automatic for me.
The ethernet worked just fine on my stock firmware, but on the first nightly I used it did not, but Its not a big issue since the Orb is just next to my Wlan router. :)
Is it possible to restore the Nexus Q back to its original functionality after flashing CM10.1?  
Yeah, just get the factory image from google's Nexus site and flash it
Has anyone had success sideloading Google Music? The main use for my Q is as a GMusic stereo... (btw the @home YouTube no longer seems to work w/current YT).
(Also: Google did send Q's to those of us who pre-ordered, yes)
+Jonne Backhaus did you find a fix for the image size? I changed all my tv settings but nothing seemed to help, aspect ratio either, even screen position doesnt fix it......
+Vladimir Duque I did.  There's a key combination to do so... I believe it's something like holding Fn and the center button.  One thing to keep in mind is that the trackpad simply will not work.  It's really only functional as a keyboard with some additional buttons.
Thanks +Samuel Braff,  I will be trying that tonight.  I'm currently using droidmote to control is from my nexus 7.  Does anyone know if the built in amp is working? If i connect some speakers to the back jacks will I have sound?  I don't have speakers now to test it, but if it works I will go out and buy some
Haven't tested with speakers (or the optical cable) -- just using HDMI for video/audio at the moment.
The optical out does not work, its not implemented yet. +Ricardo Cerqueira has mentioned that he will look in to it at some point.
Tested the speakers, its a no go. Hopefully it works in later builds.....
+Ricardo Cerqueira Thanks for the awesome work on Steelhead.

I got CWM running by booting directly to the recovery image from fastboot (flashing didnt work), got CM10.1 nightly installed and am able to drive the menus with my mouse via a  USB OTG cable.

What I'm not able to figure out is how to 1.) Get sound to work over HDMI (havent tried optical or banana plugs) 2.) Fix the output resolution on my TV so I don't get overscan. It reports at 720p on my TV, but the android screen is 2x the visible size. 

I'm going to try different build to see if it fixes it, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd welcome them
So I figured out a few things.

1.) The sound issue was a weird state that my Q got into, I think silent mode was stuck. Turning the volume up in settings or by rotating the Q didn't fix it. I downloaded a widget toggle for silent mode and some combination of clicking that and tapping the top of the Q got sound going.
2.) The screen resolution issue was because I was using an hdmi->component video converter and it seems to be misreporting the available resolution. My HDMI port on my TV sometimes glitches out (hence the adapter) but I plugged it in direct and got full 1080p after a reboot.
Sound over HDMI definitely works, but I've discovered that after a while I need to reboot the Q to get sound back. What I've noticed is when its not working, when I play back a video its running at double time, in Youtube or Google Play Movies.
+Jonne Backhaus TBH, I never tried. But setting the ring color to black (there's still no gui, so it's the same way as mentioned above) should do the trick 
+Ricardo Cerqueira Do you have a cheat sheet for the ring settings (color)? Talking to the #Lightflow dev to get support, just wondering if the options are listed somewhere.
+Ethan S. Up to 32 values, each of them representing a color. The value of a color is the integer representation of the common RGB format (255 for 0x0000ff, 65280 for 0x00ff00, 12648430 for 0xc0ffee, etc).

So if you want it half red, half green, and a dash of yellow in the middle, you can do "16711680 16711680 16119067 65280 65280" (#FF0000 #FF0000 #F5F51B #00FF00 #00FF00 , which will result in 2/5 red, 1/5 yellow, 2/5 green)
+Shitiz Garg Powering external hdds, probably not without a powered hub in between, the #Awesome, absolutely!!!
+Ricardo Cerqueira are there any plans for further development of CM10.1 on the Q, getting the other bits of hardware working etc? Loving my Q, just hoping it doesn't get abandoned. I keep finding new things I want to do with it, there is a lot of potential if you don't need a "mobile" Android device.
Hi +Ricardo Cerqueira , currently running RC2 on my Nexus Q.  Runs great with a caveat - plugging in a flash drive (fat32) through USB otg causes /data to become unavailable - all apps refuse to open, nothing is accessible until I unplug the flash drive again.  Is this a known issue or something specific to my setup?
i am loving it, but the no output from the amplifier is preventing me from having the ultimate toilet companion. i am currently on RC5. 
are there any apps to control the ring light? so far i set it on a simple rotation bash script in the terminal emulator

$ su root

for i in $(seq 1 1000000)
setprop persist.sys.ringcolor ${color[(( $i % 3 ))]}
sleep 1
+Davide Cerri I've talked to the #Lightflow dev about support, he's going to try and work on it after the S4 stuff does down. If you ping him with interest it might give more priority.
+Lorenzo Carachure : i'm about the same as you before. i couldn't get into recovery mode. would you help me how to do that. thanks
+Tuan Nguyen First tip is use a TV. Then the next step is enable USB debugging via the Q app and get your computer to recognize it. Then you can use adb commands to reboot into fastboot mode and push a recovery.
After enable USB debugging, i used these command:
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-
It's done very quick, and the nexus Q's ring start blue light and turn around but the tv is dark.
I also tried this: 
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
adb reboot recovery (but it said, " error: device not found")
please let me know if i did wrong.  thanks
yes, i've done the unlock before. tbw, what's light color of Nexus Q when it's in recovery mode
When its in fastboot it should be a solid red ring I believe.
it showed the solid red ring, and after that i typed "fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-" and the ring turn blue light
No problem +Tuan Nguyen , I have a couple more Nexus Q that I would like to convert just really hoping for some amplifier support so that I don't lose the option to add speakers directly or through optical.
I've been looking into utilizing my Nexus Q as well. However my efforts have been on the backburner for a while since I'm experiencing resolution issues on my old 720p plasma TV. The output only occupies the top left 1/4 of the screen, however it works fine on a friends 1080p TV. This was back in February though, but I haven't seen anything in the changelog since that might address my problems. Maybe I should try updating to a newer build and see if I still experience the issue. :)

+Ethan S.
I stumbled across this post on XDA that you might find interesting: They've added preliminary support for using a different audio output, so you're not restricted to just HDMI out.
+Thomas Kjeldsen Thanks a million for that, with CheapCast from the Play store I'm now able to use my Nexus Q just as before Google Play services broke everything, and even beyond, since I can hook up a keyboard and mouse and play games as well, or use my phone as a remote touchpad. CM10.1 + CheapCast = NexusQ(uintessential possibilities!!!!)
So how where you able to get the Q onto the q where you able to get adb debugging to work when booted I haven't been able to to load it. Any help would be great the apk on the store will not boot on restart like something is wrong with the ROM or the apk.

I believe I'm using rc5 of CM10.1 but I'm not sure that matters. I had previously installed cm and gapps that go with it and then installed cheapcast, they just had an update in the last day or two and I'm able to play directly from YouTube and google play music to the cheap cast device.
Does the internal amplifier speaker outputs work on the build you are using? That's what I am looking for the build I'm using is from June with them working. Also are you able to adb when booted to the launcher? I cannot currently keeps saying adb unauthorized. Please take the time to answer in detail. I am starting to think its the build I'm using causing all the issues
Hi Ian, you should see the post a couple above mine regarding the outputs, where you have to flash a specific build to enable different outputs. Also the ADB authorization is a function of the newer Android 4.2 builds, you need to have an input device available on Nexus Q to allow your PC the first time you hook it up via ADB. There are some posts on the CyanogenMod Google+ page stating that, try searching and it should show you the proper way to do it.
Any links to that this is where I'm stuck I've searched and searched and searched for that
I started to compile this link above yesterday and hit a road block when it came to adb after everything else was setup but the last step and I am trying to get it figured out so I can finish the write up and help others to fix their Q's if you can help out it would be great
Okay so part of the statements from that post yesterday were actually incorrect, Google did have some server downtime but it affected a number of services and definitely affected Play Store and apk's for far more than just the Nexus Q.

You should be able to enable debugging on the Q from the app but only if its a factory Nexus Q if it is flashed with CM your Q app does not work anyways. I'm working from my mobile device right now so I can't find the links but just search "Android 4.2 ADB authorization cyanogenmod".
I have 3 2 are stock one I missed yesterday, as of today I still cannot log into my stock Q from a phone that is not setup with it already the servers are still down. So either they are having issues for 2 days now or they have been taken offline. I am assuming the second is the correct answer. I'll search that and get back to you
When I get home I'll also try firing up my horde of nexus Qs to see if any of them have trouble with set up.
+ian mcfarland I tested and I completely agree, there is an issue with the setup process, the Nexus Q app won't even let me sign into Google's servers. I also checked to make sure the new CM10.1 privacy guard app wasn't causing issues with the Q app on my phone, but I disabled it and was still having issues. If its not possible to get into usb debug mode (aka ADB), then I believe it becomes a timing game whether you can force a factory reset, and get into fastboot or recovery while it is rebooting.
I have gotten all the way to having cm10:1 installed however once in cm10.1 I cannot adb in the ROM like all my phones will. It says unauthorized when you adb devices. I have tried everything I cant get it figured out even edited the prop build in cm10.1, reloaded everything like 3 times tried different cm10 Roms etc, the guy who figured out and wrote the amp driven cm10.1 ROM will not output audio and doesn't match the md5. I have emailed everyone in the community that has been active in the q world trying to get some tips or help and or a refreshed ROM with the amp drivers. So i can finish the compile of steps to get it working again with cheapcast.
I know but it doesn't even prompt me to accept 
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