CM 4 balls

+CyanogenMod  10.1 support for the Nexus Q is now live, and as far as I can tell fully functional. The only caveat is that the original @home functionality does not work, and at the moment it's unclear if it ever will.

Installation of the device is simple, but possibly awkward due to the lack of normal input mechanisms. Treat it like any other Nexus device:  Boot into fastboot mode (with adb reboot bootloader ), unlock it, flash the recovery from , etc. Basically, follow the same procedure as other Nexus devices ( The N4's instructions from will do in a pinch).

Navigation in recovery is done with the Q itself: rotate the ball to navigate the menus, and tap it to select an item. Navigation inside CM can be done with either a connected mouse or bluetooth devices.

Important note if you plan on using BT input: There's a catch-22. To go to the settings menu and pair the first bluetooth mouse you'll need something else as input. So regardless of your final setup using bluetooth or not, for the first configuration run you will need a physically connected mouse (through an OTG cable to the Q's USB port)

With all that said... is where you'll find the installable packages :)
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