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Say hello to +Adam Farden 's baby, the long overdue p500 (Optimus One)

Coming soon to a CM mirror near you
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Ricardo, I compiled kernels for that device some months ago (@xda) and after the official LG 2.3/.35 kernel, after unlocking the device the screen just stood there black until the screen was tapped. I've tried everything, tracking down the screen_on procedure, decreasing the msleeps, removing shit LG functions etc etc nothing worked. Have you encountered that problem, and if you did, how did you fix it?
+Francisco Franco I didn't have that problem... Both the original LG source and the unified LG 7x27 I'm using worked fine in that regard.
Shouldn't it be coming soon to a p500 near you? :P
Exactly. My bet was that the bug was in the LG gralloc or something, which LG masked using that debug.sf.hw=1 in the .prop because once we took it out the blackscreen bug appeared. It was a nasty move by LG, but I guess you guys have it fixed in the CM tree.
+Francisco Franco Not exactly. LG uses qualcomm's gpu compositing, which can be picked out of CAF but is incompatible with CM7 (seriously breaks compatibility with non-qualcomm platforms)

If you were using the original gralloc, that's probably the least of your problems :) That stuff has a ton of dependencies.
Is it going to be for old or new baseband?
Hmm good to know. I'm pretty impressed how you didn't encounter that bug, if you have 5m spare time just go over to the XDA's P500 section, there's plenty of posts about the blackscreen bug, including my kernel thread. We never managed to fix it, being it in the rom or the kernel, so you not having it surprises me big time.
+Francisco Franco Er, I just thought of something. You may be talking about an old, known bug on all qualcomms... Did you disable FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE? Surfaceflinger on GB fails in ugly ways when it's enabled, especially if you use GL FB objects (like the electron beam)
sweet i still have mine so i will try it out when its official
CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y I don't know if I should cry or laugh...
Finally black screen bug is going to be fixed for good =D.
Wow black screen bug fixed nice I'm almost sad this is all happening a few days after I got a new phone
I hear it will be new base band will it also support the US tmobile p509 cause most ROMs on the new baseband dont give tmobile users data????
+Ricardo Cerqueira BTW, on P990, the lockscreen doesn't fade in when unlocking (I'm referring to the ring or slide lock). I used to have SGS, and the fade animation makes the lockscreen appear more fluid. Is this a known issue in CM for LG phones?
Sorry if I asked the question in the wrong place...
thank you,finally
+Francisco Franco on my .35 kernel, i made two different versions, one using console framebuffer and another using sysfb. All different results are posted by users in my thread @XDA.
Yes, I forgot about that, but the results are pretty inconsistent.
Hi, thanks for your hard work. There is a rumor that on the current nightly release you cannot overclock your CPU with SetCPU application.
+Micha Rosiski it's not rumor it's fact..and kernel needs lot of work...also camera exposure not working.
Flash franco's kernel for OC.
YAY! Just started yesterday with the idea of flashing my P500, have it rooted and all already and sadly didn't see my device in the official site but found this moments ago :D

Any ETA for the official release (sorry for breaking the sole rule lol but I'm anxious to try this on my phone :P)
Ricardo, will you support 729Mhz for the overclock table?
You set the minimum is 768Mhz, and thats too much for the majority of P500's.
Nope. I'm not too fond of overclocking at all, and that's the table I use with 7227s. If someone submits a patch, I'll look into it, though.
I never submited a patch to gerrit, but Ricardo, can you link me up where I can submit a patch please?
Hi Ric (& everyone)! I'm searching for some help. I just installed CM7 (from the you mentioned) on my LG Optimus One but I can't get a network! In my phone the baseband version is "unknown" unlike the baseband that's on your pic. :S What can I do? Hope you can help :) thanks
hi, nice, I tried nightly build 1.1 and it is awesome, thank you. and now we have another version :) great work
Just want to know what's the difference between the official release vs those unofficial?
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