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Coming up in +CyanogenMod 10...

The author has submitted this to CM and made it available in the Play Store. You can get it now from , or wait a bit; it should be merged soon
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great the calc app has been in sore need up overhaul for several releases now
I think someone at TI just spit out his/her coffee...
+Kwasi Bunsie we used to have a stance that we didn't pull in things that were easily available in the market, for various good reasons. Over time that's slowly changed. As evident by adding.... this...
Simple, usefully and a great way to make CM more complete. Thanks for the Infomation.
+Chris Sewell Functionalities, plural. Yeah, we're adding them to the existing app; instead of being able to swipe between 2 panels, there will be a handful of them.
Ah, OK. For a moment there I thought it was to be an entirely separate app. (Just woke up on a bus ride back from NYC, excuse me, carry on)
Okay it was cleared up before I could respond. :-(
Looking great! Any thoughts about adding a unit conversion panel? The old Palm OS (trio, cleo, etc) had a great conversion section where you could enter something like 10 [m2][ft2] and it would pop out with the conversion. It had several categories such as volume, weight, distance, etc. Most of the converters I've seen on the market are pretty poorly implemented; you have to spend all this time picking out your units on dials, rather than buttons.
Great app, but it'd be much more useful if parentheses were on the main screen.
great ideea, but the app hangs a lot :(
Black background? NOOOOOOO!

Otherwise, sweet, thanks.
So what would happen if I install this from the Store, then later update CM10 to a version that has it?
+Max Sandholm You'll get 2 calculators; the built-in version will keep the original namespace, the Play Store version has a different one.
FYI, the one from Play Store wouldn't install on my (unrooted) Droid X. The msg is "not supported."
+Kwasi Bunsie There is a TI calc emulator called Andie Graph, and I think TI guys may have done that already.
How is trebuchet launcher coming? Nova is causing too many issues for me on CM10, but trebuchet didn't seem to have many changes last time I used it :/
+Michael Han Andie Graph misses the ball and what they're doing with the native Android calculator is right on the money.
Possibility for doing the same to the stock messaging app to include better Google Voice support?
I love this app, I look forward to it being in vanilla CM10! :-)
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