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I think this closes my personal list of features I missed in CM10 :-)
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woohoo!! Thanks +Ricardo Cerqueira!! Can't wait to play around with it in experimentals. Do the lockscreen elements get manipulated when applying a theme?
Rob M.
YES!  Extracting my Themes from a nandroid earlier is looking like a smart move :-D
Noob question I assume this only works in you have a CM rom installed?

I am rooted but have not changed from stock Jb.
Well it may swing me in putting CM on when they have a stable release.
Rob M.
+Iain Green Other ROMs have ported the theme engine.  For ICS: CM, Gummy, AOKP, et al.  For JB CM obviously will, BAMF has.  I'm sure others will follow suit.
Wait has this been merged? Is it even on gerrit yet? Am i blind?
Thanks for your work。I wonder could make notifications of apps to show on the desktop like iphone? I think its wondrful. thank you  very much
thanks,but what about other apps?
No clue, get a metawatch:-p
Now almost perfect, only some small problems, feedback:

1, when I call phone, find the loudest sound

2, when using a flashlight, a long time the system will restart

3, there is still the lock screen when the gray screen problem, unlike before, do not open WiFi, the lock screen after a few minutes after gray screen, open the WiFi gray screen becomes faster, as is data communication wake up the screen.
Thanks so much. you did a great job.
better su everyday。
I use my p930 on cm9 in tablet interface using a DPI changing utility, but on cm10 this causes a boot loop. Is this a problem that may eventually get fixed or am I alone on this and out of luck?
Thank you for your work.
You let the the sun640 can original of cm9、cm10.
But cm9 version after July 25, there are some problems.
The most important thing is to call aspects.
1、When I called, the call will be intermittent;
2、When I call.Another person to call me.The former call will interrupt;
3、Sometimes the ringtones will not ring。
My English is not very good, I hope you can understand.
Thanks again。
Thank you for all you have done for CM9 and CM10 on SU640. I want to report a bug in CM9 for su640 (cm-9-20120801-NIGHTLY-su640): There is no phone ringtong when someone is calling me. Forgive my poor English。
Hi, I flashed the CM9 for su640 (cm-9-20120804-NIGHTLY-su640) and found a bug that the shoot date of photo  is always 2002/12/08.
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