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Dear +Android Central . Very few people have the authority to speak for CM as a whole, and none of them were asked about this. Individuals' opinions are not, and can not, be portrayed as the project's.

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That was kind of my first question upon seeing this article (and the dozens of other blogs who also ran with it).
+Ryan Bayudan No one said that. They are saying if Samsung continues the crap it does now, there will not likely be an S4 port. But it's not like someone else can't step in and maintain S4 ports. CM is an open community, after all.
Hey Steve himself is getting one, need I say more.
Grande paulada nos que, tipicamente, criticam tudo e todos por anunciar rumores.. grande Ricardo
+Paul O'Brien The title is clickbait and the way the article is worded implies that no one will support it.
The title and body imply that, and imply CM does futurology with a device that doesn't even exist outside samsung yet. Any opinion or decision at this point would be uninformed stupidity
I wouldn't necessarily debate the title is clickbait. ;)
Most article titles are clickbait, welcome to the internet... 
+Paul O'Brien Then they should have mentioned Teamhacksung developers, as the individuals they talked to clearly mentioned teamhacksung rather than CM. The main point is, +Android Central got an interesting title to make people click, they got their traffic and they don't care any more. This will make CM team look bad later on when they do release CM for S4. 
+bhuvan goyal they actually said "the current Samsung CM maintainers" early on, then said "XpLoDWilD, speaking for Team Hacksung" and followed that by a quote from the member from Team Hacksung... I think that's pretty clear; saying "Team Hacksung" in the title would be silly as not a lot of people would realise who that is, and of course the title is intended to make you click.
I think one could legitimately argue that the CM guys are being a little over sensitive. I've seen much less accurate things written about CM in the past around and about with no  comeback. Realistically, the S4 will sell a bucketload and someone will step up to maintain CM for it.
Paul W.
Heheh, pretty much what I echoed in their forums. Just because Team Hacksung aren't interested, that doesn't mean no support as a whole. That as a notion is ludicrous, CyanogenMod has proven that people always step up.
Rob M.
But, but, but rumours are great for ad revenue, except for those of us that unashamedly run ad blockers.
Oh sorry. I read the news on the german news site called GIGA and thought it was the same here. Sorry for that
The title is vague, but its not really false... "CM developers" just means some of the guys working on it, not the project as a whole.
Anyway, we have heard many complains about Samsung lack of collaboration from CM developers. So even if +Android Central has not been accurate and even tried to have a nice title, it is not so far from reality. 
The Galaxy s4 is going to be the best selling Android Device ever. And the main version uses the snapdragon 600 and qualcomm releases the source codes. Because of this it is unbelievable that CM will not be released for the S4 ;)
And thank you for the correction of this false article :D
The article seems to have been edited. No retraction or apology, just an edit. Oh well
+Android Central  was just high guys i actually laughed after reading article i didn't knew Team Hacksung was Team CM lol
The writer of that article should quit smoking whatever he is smoking !! 
or at least say: should we skip S4!
And forget all about CM skipping a device ...
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