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I've been seeing increasing numbers of #CyanogenMod  themes out there that are nothing more than literally re-zipped versions of someone else's themes with replaced png files, and to be honest I find it annoying (especially when I see my name on someone else's theme version :) )

So... the following file is a ready-to-go theme template for CM9. It still assumes you understand what you're doing (the minimal and only previous knowledge you need to make a theme is a superficial understanding of how application resources in Android work), and is targeted to Linux (its only requirements are a Linux host, with the Android SDK installed).

Check the included README file, and theme away... properly!
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Prash D
As a themer, I missed Cyanogen's theme templates from rc33 days, so a wholeheartedly thank you for being awesome and sharing :]
Thanks so much! I've been waiting for something like this!
Thank you for this. Wish more developers had this kind of mindset about things
So, to avoid the "png file change only" maybe a how to guide could help!!
Thanks so much for this :-)
I changed the appropriate strings, paths and values and did a trial run. I get an error saying

[exec] ./aapt: ./aapt: cannot execute binary file
build.xml:66: exec returned: 126

I'm on Mac OS X 10.7.3, which isn't strictly speaking Linux, I know. 
Any insight you could offer? 
+Søren Holm aapt is the one Linux dependency. As mentioned in the readme, you need a theme-aware version of aapt, so someone who has built CM on a MacOS installation will have to help you with that... (or do a build yourself just to pull the aapt binary out of it...)
+Andrew Jones Sorry mate but I'm totally useless doing anything related to graphics. Also, my artistic taste is terrible. I love holo themes for CM9 +Ricardo Cerqueira has done. They're simple and beautiful, so it would be nice messing that with that icon pack.
I'm trying to compile my theme but I get an error saying "%1 is not a valid windows 32bit .::"
Alexander..sorry if I'm saying something stupid since I'm a noob, but didn't Ricardo said it's for linux only?
Hi +Ricardo Cerqueira thanks so much for posting this. I am really looking forward to building my PCB Theme properly from source, however I am running into a bit of an issue.

It seems that after building a (signed) release successfully, when applying the theme on my Galaxy Nexus, I still get the "Sorry, this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size.", even though I have MDPI, HDPI, and XHDPI images in /res. I was under the impression that building themes properly would eradicate this error.

Any ideas on what can be done? Once again, thanks for everything!
+George Merlocco Sorry about the late reply, I only saw your comment now: make sure you have the "preview" images deployed, with the correct size (check the dimensions from the template) on each of the supported resolutions.
That's what the Theme Engine checks for.
Ricardo, I can't speak for others but I am a designer, not a coder. Without a detailed visual guide for laymen, I (and probably other designers) will have a hard time creating themes correctly.
+Jay Yeasmin How does unzipping and repacking somebody else's work (which is what this post is about) give you a visual guide?
What Graphic Designers are looking for are not visual guides on desiging, but they are rather more looking for a Visual toturial on how to Theme. Screenshots and  red arrows and stuff you know,,,,like
step1: screenshot put  this face (^_^)  into ---> this Box |_|.
step2: screenshot rename this -->($) into a "bag of money".
step3: download  this screenshot
or maybe a youtube Video. So my grandmother can also learn how to theme :)
love your themes btw.
If only colored icon packs can be applied with your themes :)
an IconPack chooser perhaps in CM10?
Glad I had seen this when you posted it.  I'm getting into theming just for fun and I was able to find this pretty easy knowing it was you that posted it
+Ricardo Cerqueira  hey, I've compiled, and installed via eclipse. then I go to theme manager, I try to apply it but it tells me that the issue has not been filled in correctly ..
cyanogenmod 10.1, nexus of 4 pc and ubuntu 13.04, please answer XD
Did you read the README? Eclipse won't work, you either use ant, or port the ant configuration to eclipse. I don't use eclipse at all, so I can't help you there...
Wow, thanks a lot! I tried doing this myself but I was doing it rashly and ended up with nothing. Cheers mate!
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