Unlocking the LG Optimus L9

The L9's (p760) update to Jellybean from LG started rolling out today. It has a ton of new stuff for people who are interested in keeping the stock ROM, and another new thing that's of interest to us: the bootloader is now unlockable.


Step 1 - After installing the JB update (I don't know if there are any leaks, but it so avoid them. The real update is out), make sure you have a SIM in your phone and let it stay on for at least 30 continuous minutes. This is important!. If you skip this step, you may end up with a permanently locked device.
Step 2 - Enable USB debugging in the developer options, and run " adb reboot oem-unlock " from your PC
Step 3 - You'll land at a confirmation screen like the one in the first photo of this post. Read it, and follow the instructions there.
Step 4 - If your device unlocked, you'll be in fastboot mode. The phone will helpfully tell you about it (Second photo). Congratulations, your bootloader is unlocked and your L9 can run unsigned boot images
Step 5 (optional) - While you're at it, stay in fastboot mode and flash CWM from http://download2.clockworkmod.com/recoveries/recovery-clockwork-  with " fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork- "
March 14, 2013
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