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<farnsworth>Good news, everybody!</farnsworth>

No, really. Good news: NVIDIA is, for the first time, preparing an actual working Android release, with all the bits needed for a build. I just got an e-mail from them, and it's also been published in their developer forums.
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Prash D
<comicbookguy>Actually, Farnsworth says Good news, everyone. You must be thinking of Dr. Nick who says Hi Everybody.

also, Worst. Reference. Ever.</comicbookguy>
As in Ice Cream Sandwich? =D

Sudden change of heart?
does it mean we'll have everything the other manufacturers provide?
So this is going to be tools to get custom roms working, or this is a Full Official rom by Nvidia? Either way, I guess CM support is on its way, finally :D
this is awesome. the g2x is a great phone and now it will be better with ics.
whaa? If they do this, I'm hanging onto my g2x with my cold dead hands.

Just curious.. they say they're going to provide a build for the reference devices. Will binary blobs for a reference device give us what we need for the g2x then? Or maybe I just don't see what they're giving and that's okay because I'm not a CM insider :)
I think I will believe it when I see it. The last time you told us about any communication with Nvidia and LG was quite a while ago. I'm hoping for the best but I'm not holding my breath.
Awesome, hopefully they will give a decent timeline
hey i have aquick question for you. i installed the latest O3D kdz gingerbread rom which also replaces with the gingerbread baseband. i tried installing the CM7 selfkang2 on top to see what would happen and it wont let me add APN's i searched the system files and found there was no Flex folder. so i grabbed a copy of it from another dev with the gb baseband and set the permissions to what he said and it still wouldnt let me add apn's.. in the optimus 3d did you build the CM7 port for use with the froyo baseband and is this why it is not working??? because aside from this issue everything else seems to work great. no random reboots at all
But the question is if yes,then when?
Hope it's as soon enough before +Google launch new OS in the middle of next year
The end of the world must be nearing...doomsday devices anyone?
This is the best damn info I've gotten in last month :) According to forum, android by nVidia should be released early 2012.
I'll start believing when it IS released...
You shouldn't not love a child just because it's parents are source code hogging a$&*les
Wow! thats great Ricardo! I write to Nvidia too about when will the release, at least the listen us! ;)
Rob Ban
What a glad suprise this friday. Wonderful... really, just awesome. Glad +NVIDIA listens to its customers and helps hackers/developers out.
NVIDIA and Google have to stop depending on the device manufacturers and cell phone service providers to provide Android for their devices. I think NVIDIA should develop its own Android releases to coincide with whatever Android version Google releases because the manufacturers which use NVIDIA chips are incompetent and take too long to release updated Android (if at all) which undermines the reputation of NVIDIA, pisses off developers, and reduces the saleability of anything with NVIDIA in it. NVIDIA and Google should have worked together to provide the newest version of Android so that it would be able to be installed by any owner of a compatible device without waiting for the device manufacturer or the cell phone service provider to do it. They should have done this together from the beginning because, now, other companies such as Texas Instruments which Open Source the information for their chips is gaining on NVIDIA with developers and, eventually, consumers. Googles own reference platform for ICS uses TI's OMAP4460 (used in the Galaxy Nexus) which puts NVIDIA at a technological and competitive disadvantage

As well, consumers compare Android cell phones and tablets and their support with Apple's and are aware of what Google is doing and what hardware and version of operating system it is using in its phones, especially the newest one. Consumers also care about support for their Android operated devices from manufacturers and developers. When they observe that some devices are supported wheras others aren't by the device manufacturers and cell phone service providers even though their device could run the newly released iteration of Android if it were available to them, they get very upset especially because the new or not very old device they purchased cost a bundle of money and the newer iteration of Android solves problems and adds features which they didn't/won't get. If NVIDIA doesn't actually provide what's necessary for developers and consumers then whatever damage happens to NVIDIA is self-inflicted and deserved.
Has there been any response by NVIDIA as to when they are going to provide sources for Tegra2?
Not that I know. NVIDIA appears to have abandoned the cell phone version of the Tegra 2.
One way to force NVIDIA to release source code is another company suing for patent infringement. NVIDIA's secritiveness is a good reason to suspect patent infringement as the reason for that secretiveness.
NVIDIA Release last saturday the TEGRA ICS OS IMAGE and a new toolkit version, shoud this sufficient to make a ICS with GPU ACCE. and A2DP?
Yeah, that's just a binary build for the ventana devkit. I installed it on Saturday, works fine, but being binary it's completely useless on other devices.
+Jasper Koopmanschap OEMs already have nvidia's release, as well.
The only thing left to happen (as far as I care) is the promised publishing of the reference code, which is what we can use.
Without that, we'll have to wait for the OEMs (LG, in this case) to do their own work and publish their own builds (and we'll use the binaries as before)
:( oh... let's wait for a Ricardo Cerqueira miracle if we wait for LG it's better wait sitted...
That atrix build is as broken as the o2x's. more so, actually
Damn... writing an article about that and wanted to be sure... but is LG using thos toolkit to develop ICS? are they just putting components and recompiling? Please tell me they got all the sources...
+Ricardo Cerqueira after the mail you received promising the reference code have you received more news from nvidia? Or was it a marketing stunt to calm the community? (I don't like to sound pessimist, but I don't trust nvidia a bit...)
+Roberto Orgiu Sorry, that question makes no sense, so let me make this generic:

When any OEM buys (licenses) the usage of a given chipset, they typically get a BSP (board support package), from the silicon vendor that includes a bunch of reference code (TI, Qualcomm, Telechips, Freescale have their reference code publicly available. Nvidia doesn't.).

Depending on support contracts and agreements, they can also get support from the silicon vendor to adapt said code to their own designs, but since the design and the device are owned by the OEM, most work in that regard is done by the OEM. This doesn't change the fact that the base code from which OEM HALs derive is copyrighted IP by the silicon vendor, and can't be opened without explicit authorization from that vendor (unless it comes with a permissive license). To use an example: A camera HAL from the ASUS Transformer may have 90% of ASUS code, but it's foundations are still the nvidia reference, and as such need authorization from nvidia in order to be published. That doesn't mean you can demand "ASUS drivers" from nvidia. They don't have it, and it's completely unreasonable to ask for it.

Anyway... there are very few cases (I can't remember any, actually) in which code from the silicon vendor will give you a fully functional end-market device; there's always some device-specific adaptation to be made. In other words, a binary reference relase, which is what almost a hundred people have linked me to in the last 3 days, is useless outside that reference device.
Ah ok, more understandable... so we have to wait for LG and hope they give us the necessary things, did I get it right?
+Nuno Filipe nvidia still hasn't published anything, and I suspect they won't. People keep ignorantly making unreasonable requests from them, and it's completely burning "the community"'s image; If that's putting them off dealing with us, I can't blame them.
Yeah it is understandable... I guess. I would love to make some pressure as a costumer but since I don't get what should I be requesting from them, I keep my mouth shut. But it sucks to know there is a possibility of O2X customers will not get future support to run CM9 :/

A perfect world would be if nvidia included CM as a trusted developer and gave you access to the reference code of the HAL :P
+Nuno Filipe oh, there will be a cm9 for the p990. No question about that.

Worst case scenario, it'll only happen after LG does their own release, but it will happen
Actually did not hope at all that they will release the HAL driver... won't buy Kepler also as a sign of protest... AMD shut up and here is my money :D BTW... Does Adobe Flash perform better on that ICS build comparing to GB?
+Ricardo Cerqueira well, all can I say is thanks for your time developing for a hopeless platform ;) now lets hope LG releases ICS in 2012 :P
I haven't tried it but I doubt it. The cameras on it are very weak
Arg. Please stop defending them, it is not understandable at all.

They claim to fully support the development community but where is the stuff we really need to actually develop.... no where never mind the unreasonable requests being made by some people they know what we really need yet they don't release it... forget understandable because it isnt they are supposed to ignore the stupid emails they get and pay attention to the intelligent reasonable stuff yet they are not, they need to be continually reminded of their promises or we will see nothing.

Nvidia said they support and encourage development on THEIR platform yet they cant release the drivers THEY are supposed to have... if they don't have these things and cant arrange for them to be release then they LIED so please stop defending them they pay their own people to do that for them.
It is not about defending them or not. They don't owe us anything... The best we can do, and I will, is never buying a nvidia product again. Unless they change their attitude but I don't see something like that happening.

In my opinion, nvidia has always been the Apple of hardware closed as hell, expensive for no reason and don't give a shit about their costumers. They don't need to, people keep buying stuff from them. After all it is "nvidia"
On the contrary they do owe us, they promised when tegra 2 was released that they would support and help the development of their platform and then when we told them we needed them to release the sources of their hal drivers they told us it would be done so yes they do owe us not legally but morally they DO owe us unless of course they want everyone to lose total respect for them.... i wont be buying anything more nvidia i already threw out my nvidia graphics card and now use ati and i wont be getting any tegra 3 device even if they do release their drivers and finally start making good on their promises.... but again to respond to what you said YES they do owe us.
By what I see, cell phone manufacturers have abandoned NVIDIA in favour of open source Texas Instruments. Nowhere is there a firm committment to upgrading the Tegra 2 ap20h drivers for ICS and LG's promise to upgrade the Tegra 2 equipped Optimus 2X is unbelievable considering their track record.
Well he probably already talked to Ricardo... And any limitations Ricardo has encountered he will too. Só the limitations imposed by nvidia attitude will not change with them working together. The only difference is that the limitations will be found sooner =/
Yes, Benee already asked a few questions.

You seem to be misunderstanding my position: I already have most of that stuff working, and have had it since November. Read my posts from that period, some of them even have pretty videos to watch.

I know what's broken, I know what's needed to fix it, and I know it isn't available anywhere for now; and most importantly, I simply will not do broken releases I have no way of fixing. That's my decision, and I'm sticking to it.

That doesn't prevent other people from doing their own work to build ICS for their devices; it's a fun exercise, and valuable experience if they're interested in Android. It just won't be CM, nor will it be my responsibility to deal with the inevitable screams of "X IS BROKEN".
Do you foresee any issues porting the binaries that come out for the p990 eventually, to bring ICS to the p999 in the case that T-Mo and others carrying the P999 decide not to request updates from LG? (the likely scenario if you ask me)
T-Mobile won't be asking for ICS for the G2X/P999 because they designated it as end of life. 
Ricardo Cerqueira, You mentioned you were in contact with NVIDIA about the releasing of these required resources. As we haven't heard anything since November, you mentioned you didn't think they ever would release said resources. Have you tried to keep in email contact with them? Or tried to ask what the hold up is? Thanks for you time!
Can you try to re-contact them and ask them to pull their finger out? assuming you haven't done so already.
No. I've explained multiple times (both to the public at large and to nVidia) what is required, there's nothing left to say in that regard.
If and when they have anything to say, they will; until then, I'm done discussing Tegra in public.
If this as XDA this thread would be locked by now hint hint.