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Due to the current lack of themes for CM9, I'm pushing some of my test stuff to the market Play Store, starting with Holo Green.

These are simple colorizations of the standard UI, and I don't plan on making them anything more than that :)
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"This item is not compatible with your device." :S
I have a GN..
in my Optimus 2x running CM9 SK3 " this item is not compatible.. "
+Fabio Agitadas has the theme manager been merged in your ROM? SK3 didn't have theme manager, take a look at owain's KANGs.
+Fabio Agitadas NovaHD has theme manager? I haven't followed that for a while. SK3 is kind of... old. Definitely no theme support in that one as it's just done as a proof of concept.
+WeeSiong Ng I say that since the SK1 use the roms for O2X and SK3 is so perfect on my phone that have never needed to restart it, just changed the RIL to 0725 (Brazil) and set the GPS these days .. I went back to the original 2.3 and soon after the CM 7.2 .. do not get to use them..Good work +Ricardo Cerqueira !!! Very Good!
+Fabio Agitadas oh icic, sorry if I misunderstood you. Try out owain's ROM one day, I highly recommend it! =) Can't wait for leaks of the official ICS (supposing LG actually started work on it) to fix the bugs in the ROM.
doesn't compatible with my GT-i9100 (CM9 Nightly 0508) and GT-i9000 (0507). Will wait for the next nightlies and try again =)
+WeeSiong Ng unfortunately the LG Group said that only in Q3 or Q4 upgrade to ICS, there already will be with a Sony Xperia S or HTC one S or X
Works great on my nexus s latest cm9 nightly. :-D
+Fabio Agitadas which is why I'm adamant in getting a Nexus device when my contract's up! =P I love LG devices, but I do love good developer support for custom ROMs as LG stock ROMs just doesn't cut it.
+WeeSiong Ng also like the devices from LG, and tell you that I live in front of the factory here in Brazil, but I thought the Sony and HTC are very beautiful, and I want a white phone! .. hahahaha
+Alex Dorovskikh Make sure your tree is clean and up to date. Most of the people I know who have installed this are using maguro and toro devices.
+Ricardo Cerqueira excuse me, I'm using the Owain CM9-57 in my O2X, and I can not download this theme at Play, gives message of incompatibility
Another maguro here with this problem. Running 20120508 nightly (just installed).
Nice! Still on GB though so I can't use it, looks good though.
Funny, the purple theme installed just fine.
Thanks, great work! Just noticed that while calling the bar with status of the call is still in default blue
Any chance of an upload link? Can't seem to get it from the market.
When I get an update from the market, do I need to re-apply the theme, or re-boot, or does it do its own thing in the background?
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