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Ok, +CyanogenMod  10 nightlies for the p970 ( LG Optimus Black ) are now available at

Note below that this is using a v20 (gingerbread) radio. It will not work with the v30 bootloaders. Other than that, it's the usual update procedure. (don't forget to wipe if you're not coming from CM7. This includes the handful of broken builds that popped up since I started pushing source last night, and the various third-party attempts at CM9 throughout the last year)

Happy updating!

NOTE: This is not a support or report thread.
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This guy is a master of the dark arts.
Awesome, later this night my wife´s OB will enjoy this... :D
Cant wait for the 7 to become 9.
what is with the Nightlies for the LG P990 Optimus Speed? :/
Lue G
No more Tenkian?
I got it ,It keeps rebootibg while locking/unlocking phone!
Great job, it works very good. Thinking is just the first nightly makes me feel this could be stable soon, thanks +Ricardo Cerqueira
+Ricardo Cerqueira Within 5 hours of use I experienced 10~ reboots (mostly on lock/unlock) and few freezes,but ROM is very smooth and almost no lag GJ!
When I bought my P990, P970 was considered as an option. Now I know it could have been worse mistake not to buy P970 from P990 purchase. I have outdated software from the beginning. Bummer.
thanks that you have not forgotten us
+Ricardo Cerqueira genial trabajo! tiene un bug cuando al bloqueo se le pone el clima pero de hay en fuera esta muy bien, sus detallitos, pero como para uso diario perfecto, mil gracias!... estaba esperando un JB pero jamas tan bueno...
I don't have Optimus Black but it's always nice to see that fellow LG phone gets CM10 :)
Ric you and your crew are f'ing legends! Thank you soooo much!
Hey, thanks for that, I'll update my device with it soon! :-)
Woah. This build is like 100 times more stable, and way more fast than those CM9 third party ones... +1
Guys Please read...

NOTE: This is not a support or report thread.
Awesome Ricardo sad thing I own a p990 -.-
+Ricardo Cerqueira Could you tell us anything about your work on  cm9 or cm10 for the P920? It would be nice to hear(:
+Ricardo Cerqueira  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This brings so much hope for us P970 owners.. i won't flash it yet since my black is  working really fine. But if i'm forced to do some flashing I will defenitly do CM10!
Parabéns! excelente trabalho!
Espero que consiga trabalhar na CM9 ou CM10 para o P990, pois comprei sabendo que você deu suporte ao CM7 para ele.
Esperando ansiosamente pela cm10, para o p990, otimo trabalho com cm7. Parabéns.
Por favor, continua o desenvolvimento da CM10 para este device.. esquece o xda.
Sim +Ricardo Cerqueira , não páres o desenvolvimento da CM10 para o P970! Estamos todos muito agradecidos pelo teu trabalho... Por favor, continua a trazer-nos a melhor rom para o P970!
Man please , dont stop development because of some idiot, alot people waiting for you , and we all respect your work!
+Ricardo Cerqueira continue the developement please...! You will give a second life to our optimus black :) don't stop the works !!
yes man  we need you.....please..
Don't punish all for one man mistake lot of people including me is looking forward everyday for your updates please don't let us down. 
NO developer has the power and ability that you have! Please don't leave the CM10 for P970 .. without you, all the ROMs would be a waste! I hope you go back and don't leave us, please
Ricardo, tu és uma espécie de deus para os utilizadores de Smartphones LG, mesmo no XDA, e todos te estão muito gratos.

Mesmo o utilizador em questão, dentro das limitações dele, tem ajudado bastante a comunidade do LG P970 e sempre te deu os devidos créditos (que eu tenha visto). Posto isto, se não queres que o teu trabalho seja usado noutros projetos é perfeitamente compreensível, mas nesse caso penso que um aviso e reprimenda eram bastante, não é necessário partir para o insulto e abandonar milhares de utilizadores que vêm em ti a maior mais valia deste terminal e que tanto te admiram. Um Abraço e continua o teu excelente trabalho por favor.
Hello, please, this is our only chance to have a great ROM for P970, I know  your point of view, but think about the freedom that Android gave you, think about all the people with a P970 using Android 2.3.7, when we have the possibility to have JB, we all believe in you, i'm sorry about my bad english.
Good luck. We trust you
Please do not leave p970! we need you man.. Please Please Please

Thanks for all your hardwork!
Nós precisamos de voce ... Não deixe de dar Suporte ao CM10 para P970 Por Favoooor,  please, please ... please...
Absolutely brilliant, thank you.
Man, you're the master of rom's ... the lasted rom Jilly Beam, is very beautiful, and you had a good work... Thank You Ricardo.
Come on Ricardo! We had a great cm7 by your hard work..and a good cm10 only by you! You are the life of p970 and the other can only copy you! Then why you done with p970? for one "developer"? You are a cm official developer!!! Would be one of the best in entire android mod's panorama! Not leave us! You makes me and all p970's user happy!
ricardo ,you are the right kernel for p970 ,looking forward for ur development on p970,common man you r a great dev ,and we respect it from our heart :)
Obrigado again... here is support or report thread for p970 cm10?
+Ricardo Cerqueira Y are u punishing all P970 owners for someone has done what u didn't like. Most of us were waiting for ur updates checking ur google+ page countless times each and every day. I'm sure U can sort it out with him personally. Please don't do this to us.
Please +Ricardo Cerqueira don't leave us. We don't need to be punished, only because one person did a wrong thing. As +Srikanth reddy said, most of us were waiting for your updates, including me.
Oh shit, I just found a HUGE, almost perect, ROM and now you're leaving us alone? :'( Please don't do that!!! Your job was almost perfect!
Deixa ver se eu percebo, vais deixar uma data de malta pendurada que estava a espera desta rom á meses, a virem aqui milhentas vezes a procura de novidades, por causa de alguem que fez algo que não gostaste?,  por muita razão que tenhas tido, perdeste-a toda !!!  eu nem te digo o que acho, ias ficar insultado ...
please, say u will continue the work w/ this rom, we are so grateful, this rom is awesome. 
come on man, you are much bigger than this situation, go forward, you give so many people joy, I wish i could have talent like yours and make a little happier peoples life.... Go on with p970 you can, thanks
It´s the only JB working by far the other developments, also your kernel has made the difference between previous efforts, so with this in hand please consider for all those who are waiting religiously for a stable CM10. If this will not change your mind, you are in your right to leave, but i dont think this is a strong reason, and therefore, just for this thing?, i think you are beyond this. Kindly regards!
You are the only Person that makes the p970 a descent phone. Without you the OB ist dead. Dont punish us for one (Ort two) stupid "Developer". 
Yeah... don't take it on us man. I mean, there are thousands of people who are eagerly waiting to get official CM10 on the Optimus Black. 
Arcee, you are a grown man.Getting so pissed for one guy that coppied your work?Don't be silly.Do what you do best, making wonders with our' phone.P970 community is not just one chinese guy but all of us all over the globe.And by the way, chinese are well known for copies, aren't they?Chill out man and smile to the world.Best regards.
thanks for your good work which enhance our CM experience so much in such a short time...
There are new commits in the github made by Ricardo :D Thank you Ricardo!
Thank you Arcee, you made my day.I don't need an official LG ics update or others buggy works, I need CM for my phone.Best regards.
Thank you very much RICARDO, I love the CM ROM, and your work.. I always check the updates! Thanks again, Downloading right now
Yeah, you are a REALLY good dev, keep the hard work, that's how you will prove them that you are stronger. Note : im sending this from your cm10 rom.
Ricardo, you are our hero, we love you, thank you man. Thank you so much
Bots use to give us more answers than Ricardo.
podes correr o xda todo, não há nenhum chinês ou outro qualquer que faça nada parecido sequer com o que tu fazes...
Obrigado por estares a fazer isto para todos os que temos um P970
Gracias por continuar tu fantástico trabajo
Acho que ninguém que use telemóveis LG compara uma ROM de qualquer outro "developer" a uma ROM tua, mais te digo, desde os tempos em que tinha o meu 2X e agora com o Black da minha namorada que nunca instalei nada sem que fosse uma ROM tua e como eu devem haver muitos outros. Até podia haver um chinês ou coreano com uma cópia exacta, desde que não tivesse lá o arcee como autor não confiava.
Fiquei bastante contente quando vi o teu post aqui no Google+ porque deixei de seguir o XDA do Black há algum tempo e hoje instalei a Nightly mais recente no telemóvel da minha namorada e foi ela própria que disse, ao fim de algumas horas, que lhe tinha dado um telemóvel novo, ao que eu repondi que quem teve o trabalho todo foi o +Ricardo Cerqueira e que era a ele que devia os agradecimentos.
Na altura não sabia do stress que houve lá com o cópia-man, mas como te disse, a maioria das pessoas que tenham telemóveis LG e que tenham experimentado qualquer ROM disponível estão todas é à espera da tua mais recente ROM, porque sabem que lá é que está a qualidade, embora perceba perfeitamente a tua posição porque há idiotas que apenas copiam o que os outros fazem e depois querem receber os louros do esforço dos outros.
Agradeço-te mais uma vez não teres desistido do Black, que já nem é muito recente e agradeço por mim e pela +Ana Russo o facto de ela ter "um telemóvel novo". =)
Good work in the last nightly, could you add the fm radio in the next one ?
Er where has Ricardo said he wouldn't keep working on the p970? Nothing here that I can see. :/
+Gary Dillon I made the mistake of looking at XDA and got pissed; I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I decided to go there in the first place.
so you will keep working? ; ) thanks for all
gracias ricardo, es posible agregar radio fm ? exelente trabajo!!
Are devs for the Galaxy player 5.0 are struggling with getting cm10 to boot and even install
Thanx Arcee, the 6th nightly is a big step forward, working a treat.I can't immagine what kind of beast will be the stable version.Excellent work, my man and best regards.
+Redy Basuki it is nigthly, the issue tracker doesn't allow bugs from nightlys, only RC/stable. In CM7 there was Rootzwiki... But there aren't any thread related to CM10.
we need a thread to report the bugs, thanks Ricardo.. 
I would like to kindly get information. What difference there is between the code and galaxys2 i9100? they are both on the site CM.
I have a Galaxy s2 rom manager and I tip directly on galaxys2 updates that are still stuck at 9.
Thank you and congratulations for the work
Parabens pelo desenvolvimento da ROM, ficou muito boa. Meu Optimus Black ganhou vida depois que eu instalei a JB 4.1.1
Nightly number 8??!! Arcee, you are an animal.Thanx for your work.
+Ricardo Cerqueira thanks a lot for your superb work. If you don't mind I would like to ask a question about video recording: Are the sources released by TI/LG enough to implement HD video recording or   code yet unknown is required?
We, noob users, really hope that you continue your marvelous development. 
+Thiago Rezende TI has finished OMAP3 support on ICS in late July, but as far as I can tell they haven't started on JB yet. The hardware codec stuff is mostly compatible between versions, but not entirely (hence the current problem with the ITTIAM 720p stuff). It'll get there, eventually.
+Ricardo Cerqueira XDA? Never go there, I gave up ages ago. Now I just follow you guys here. :D Good to see the progress you're making with LG btw.
+Ricardo Cerqueira i get a setup wizard has stop after flashing the latest nightly (sunday 30th )rom, what can be going wrong?
+Osman pZ : "This is not a support or report thread" go on xda. Remember to wipe data, cache and dalvik cache before flashing. Gapps worked for me with nightly 30/09
Thanks for your awesome work. Keep it up please!
Hello ricardo, huge thanks for your great work =) Could you add the fm radio app to cm 10 please ?
Olá grande Ricardo,
Há tanta gente com o P990 ( tal como eu ) à espera que saia a rom official...
Parece que toda a gente ja tem um bom "port" para todos os telefones menos "nós" =/
Fiquei esperançoso depois de ver o P970 ja com o JB... :)
Não sabes quando irá sair? era para ser o final de Setembro... =/
( desculpa comentar assim, mas nao tinha outra forma de comunicar contigo )
Hi Ricardo! when will be the hardware acceleration, really need thing.
Aqui o meu GPS não funciona. Mesmo usando os programas da praxe para fazer fix aos servidores não resolveu! +Ricardo Cerqueira  é uma limitação da CM10 ou tenho alguma coisa de errada com o meu telemovel? Obrigado
Olá Amigos, sei que não é o sitio adquado, mas antes e desde já agradeço o Ricardo Cerqueira pelo trabalho que está a desonvolver... tenho no meu p970 android 2.2.2 e kernel 2.6.32, queria apenas saber que kernel meter (e com possibilidade de um OC para 1.2Ghz ou 1.2Ghz sem emxer voltage)

+Nuno Almeida, I am afraid that CyanogenMOD will never support overclock. By the way, +Ricardo Cerqueira has ported Kernel 3.0.8 to our Optimus Black. And Ricardo, in less then two weeks ago you told me that there were incompatibilities between JB and some codecs released by TI/LG that were avoiding 720p video recording to work... And now you have successfully implemented it!

You are really awesome! I just can't thank you enough!
Waiting for P999/P990 build:)
Stupid LG...
I am really upset, too, that I have a p990 and LG is just letting it die. Isn't there anything we can do about this? I love ICS/JB way to much to go back to GB. It feels so ugly.
Ficou espetacular amigo. Muito mais rápido e estável. Espero que você possa adicionar o app de rádio FM.
Please add Radio FM functions... Someone knows how to configurate spirit fm?
Tenho um problema com o Bluetooth, após usar o P970 com o radio do meu carro Ford por Bluetooth, depois de sair do carro para receber e conseguir ouvir as chamadas preciso de reniciar ou desligar o bluetooth...
Estou a usar a smartflash e a ultima Nightly mas o telemovel esta muito instável  Fica com ecra preto e tenho de tirar a bateria e esperar bastante tempo para que ele volte a dar. Instalei a CM10.0 stable mas acontece o mesmo... O que posso estar a fazer mal?
Hello. I've just flashed my LG Optimus White p970 with Android ICS.
it just removed the IMEI and network is not accessible.
please suggest what to do
Smartflash + V20S + CM10 -- Stock in bootloop! please help
dude, i need you help, i installed the nightly cm10 of 02/01/2012, and now my phone is in no service status, i tried to downgrade it, but in any rom the phone status is the same, i tried differents baseband and ril, even i installed the original stock rom from movistar venezuela, and the phone can't connect to operators network, please guide me to solve this problem
is HD video recording working?  (with stereo sound)
Video Recording---- I don't really know.. Please See again some Changelog.
NB: I'am Using StockRom
please help me out, I have lg optimus p970,i currently upgraded to ics 4.0.4, the problem is, I don't see imei,baseband version nor network service of my sim, can this cm7 nightly run on my lg p970 which is on ics and solve the problem? and if yes, what are the stapes I should follow?
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