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I void warranties
I void warranties


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Yes, you can choose to use soft keys and the capacitives go away...


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Meet the bacon!

The upside of the I/O easter egg hunt is that I am now aware of a bunch of nice documentation for a lot of Google things and I sorta kinda want to make evil things with the cast API and android wear (not necessarily together).

The downside is that the expression "Aw snap!" will probably make me strangle people in the near future.

Time to face the lottery


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This sums up what goes through my mind whenever somebody goes "this solution solves the problem, why won't you accept it?"

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Steven Colbert speaks at this year's RSA conference, and manages to string a bunch of tech-industry jokes seamlessly, in character, without sounding forced.

Now where do I sign up for #CloudFog?

Droidcon Tunisia (+Droidcon.TN ) 

It was once again an honor and a privilege to open a Droidcon on behalf of +CyanogenMod , with an attendance that was even more enthusiastic than last time (and that's no small feat).

From an European's perspective, it's both enlightening and humbling to see how fast the middle-eastern countries are moving to catch up with tech in the post "Arab Spring" period, and the difficulties they're facing with things we take for granted (like actually monetizing their work, or even getting developer access to the Play Store). I had a great time with all of you there, both speakers and attendance, and I'm looking forward to see what comes out of Tunisia in the next few years.

You know where to find me, and I'm sure we'll meet again soon enough :)

Random MWC 2014 notes

- MWC is scaling back from the over-the-top crazy publicity stunts. That's actually a good thing, because they were really distracting from the actual content. It was a great week, and I got to spend time with old friends I hadn't seen in a while, and make some new ones. We really should meet more often. :-)

As far as the "new things" go in the smartphone arena, there wasn't anything that stood out as revolutionary, and that's a good thing. Maybe we're finally maturing out of the MORE! stage and "incremental upgrade" will stop being frowned upon as if it was an insult. The last 3 years of fast hardware specification increases made a device obsolete 5 minutes after it got unboxed, which is frustrating to a lot of people; nobody likes hearing "your device is too old for X" a month after it was purchased.

- Nokia does Android... and it's probably the first time I see an Android firmware trying so hard not to look like one, these are not products for android fans or users. If you're updating an Asha phone, you'll feel right at home, but if you really want an Android, I strongly suggest you look somewhere else; these were purposefully designed to address the Asha/low-tier/featurephone segments, not to enter the Android space.

- Samsung finally puts out something running Tizen, and it's good. I honestly liked both smartwatches, as shipped; I'm still not sold on the current generation of wearables, but the new ones are miles ahead of the original Galaxy Gear.

- Samsung is also going for "gold on all the things". For that extra douchey mile, you can wear a golden Gear on your wrist, while you tap away at your golden note 3, with a golden cover, using a golden-tipped S-Pen. Seriously.

- Oh, and the S5 was actually nowhere to be seen. It's probably still adjusting the final feature set based on what went on there ;)

- HTC might have a winner with the new Desire 816. It's a mid-range model, but it looks good, and considering the specs it'll probably be cheap enough to sell in good quantities and become a popular device.

- LG apparently decided to see in how many shapes they could sell the G2: Bigger, smaller, squarer, curvier, but they all look like differently-shaped G2s.

- The Sony Z2 looks fantastic. It's kind of like the Z, except with updated specs and a display that won't make your eyes bleed if you're looking at it from an angle.

- Lots of interesting hardware from other players, too, but I'm more curious about what's happening on the software side. There were plenty of people betting on privacy, security, and encrypted approaches to communications, and I'd expect that trend to continue for a while.

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Oh look... An ETA! ;-)
The OPPO N1 is officially the world’s first Google CTS-Certified CyanogenMod phone! Get yourself a piece of Android history with this Limited Edition +CyanogenMod OPPO N1 on December 24th. #OPPON1

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PSA: LG Optimus G Pro (GSM/LTE)

So... after asking around a bit, it looks like all the GSM variants of the G Pro carry the same hardware, except for modem firmware and antennas (which we never change, and neither should you :) ). This means the CM builds currently labeled as e986 should fully work on any e98x variant, without changes. The one possible exception is E985 (the China Mobile carrier variant).

So... in previous occasions where this happened, we labeled these multi-variant builds for the base model (the one ending in "0"), and we'll do the same again. Sometime soon the e986 builds will become e980
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