WebGL won!

4 years ago I set myself on the path of making WebGL win (versus Adobe's Stage3D, etc). Now that Google, BlackBerry, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Apple and Intel are supporting the technology I can finally take a deep breath.

Along the path I've had to deal with a ton of negativity and counter-productive comments. It's been an interesting journey...

Of course, taking the full credit would be ridiculous. More than 300 other developers share the credit just on the +three.js side. And like +three.js, many other libraries and engines have been doing their part to show how the technology could benefit the web.

We're not done yet though. I think we're just getting started with the kind of things WebGL can bring to the web. We've finally started to work on tools and that should open the technology to non-developers too.

As my friend +Theo Tillberg  would say... Champagne!!

Thanks everyone! ^^
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