Check this out:
This connector emulates a USB port, allowing you to connect a flash drive, card reader, mouse, keyboard, game controller, DSLR camera controller, etc.

Price: $0.83

This makes it perfect to view the files in a flash drive (documents, music, videos, you name it).

The product description states that it works for the SGS2 and the Galaxy Note, but in the reviews people say it also works for tablets like the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire and many other devices. This is perfect for the Nexus 7, which comes without a microSD or SD slot.

Notes (learned from reviews):
1. Some users may need to root their phones and use certain apps.
2. Doesn't work with high-power USB devices like hard drives/audio cards/etc but it does work with hard drives or devices with alternate external power.

Did I mention it's just $0.83 a piece? ;)

CC: +Android Police you should make a review of this, if you haven't ;)

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