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Con cada vez más marcas agregándose a la lista de usuarios de Instagram, los dolores de cabeza de los Community Managers incrementan. El panorama se complica constantemente a medida que van surgien...
I'll just leave this here...
Improve your conversation
Google Hangout app analyzes speech and facial expression

Really need to try this app one time but it looks promissing;
The app was created by artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald. Combining some rough linguistic and facial expression analysis, US+ monitors video chats in real time. You can see how hostile you’re being; how positive; or how honest. At certain intervals, the application will give you suggestions, telling you you’re talking too much or noting that your interlocutor looks sad.

Install the app via;

More via +WIRED:
+Visur Technology has detected what may be a temporary anomaly with the quantity of items acquired from Portal hacks. Early intel suggests these effects will last through New Year's Day. The cause of this is currently unknown; one of the theories being studied is that this may be related to the recent surge in new Scanner device activations.

I can’t change what has been. What I can do is learn from my mistakes and avoid making them again in the future. Mistakes are not absolute failures. Mistakes are necessary growing pains. It’s okay to make a mistake so long as I don’t repeat it.

But what if I didn't make a mistake? What if my actions are appropriate, or just, or equitable instinct? And then I'm in trouble, because the result of that action is viewed differently than what it really is? 

I will have to face it. And endure through the pain. I just wish it was all simpler.
Zombie apocalypse-ready
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Meh. The Marauder is still king.
The International Space Station will celebrate 2014 15 time and make 14 returns to 2013 before it definitively settles in the new year, a space industry source said. "Altogether the [ISS crew] will be able to see the New Year in 15 times. It is this number of times that the ISS will cross the border between December 31, 2013, and January 1, 2014," said the source.

The station will make its first visit to 2014 at 1208 GMT on December 31. At that point it will be between Australia and New Zealand. It will finally enter into 2014 at 0951 on GMT on January 1, when it passes over the Pacific, east of New Zealand. When the Kremlin's main clock chimes for the new year, the ISS will be over the Pacific.

At 0000 GMT on January 1, it will be over the Atlantic, south of Africa. When the new year starts in Houston, Texas, the site of the NASA mission control center - at 0600 GMT on January 1 - The ISS will be between Australia and South America. The ISS's current crew are Russians Oleg Kotov, Sergey Ryazansky and Mikhail Tyurin, Americans Michael Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio, and Japanese Koichi Wakata.

Voice of Russia, Interfax 
50 Google Now voice commands - Video.
(Note, not all the commands work everywhere)
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