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Sir Ken Robinson, the one and only.

Brilliant, as always! A genuine storyteller. Love his laugh! :)

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Sir Ken Robinson "On Passion" -- this for me is essentially a reminder that each of us has unlimited Potential. We are not the victim of our imagined limitations.
I like to think that way +Elese Coit but I must acknowledge that many of us have severe limitations in some areas and great potential in others. :)
Hm. So, would you say that physical accomplishments or abilities are  the measure of one's potential? As in, I, being over 40 (ahem) and wearing glasses cannot be a fighter pilot.  That's a severe limitation, but is my potential affected?  Or is Potential an inner ability applied to an outer pursuit?  
That's not what I think. I'm not talking about physical abilities, I'm thinking broadly about the human potential. But maybe it's better to first define what's human potential. 
Good point! I think of it in quantum terms I suppose, like unexpressed energy. I like this:" According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed; hence energy cannot disappear. Instead, it is stored as potential energy." That is how I see human capacity, as energy: stored as potential, expressed in form. The limitation therefore would be in form, rather than the potential.  But this is just how I like to look at it... (
Potential must be part of an equation of the limited portfolio of abilities that someone has. There's no abstract unlimited potential, in my opinion. 
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