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I reject your reality and substitute my own
I reject your reality and substitute my own

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Some great resources that every Android dev should look at.

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A couple of really useful tools to help make your apps more secure
Secure those bits!

The Android security team has been hard at work building new tools to help developers protect user data in transit.  :)  Yesterday Alex posted about two great features that shipped last year in M:

I'm particularly proud of the strategy I came up with to help detect any plaintext traffic leaving an app using a complex pile of iptables rules.  It's super easy to enable detection in your app with just one method call to this new StrictMode API:

And here's the guts of where the iptables rules are generated using the powerful u32 module to do "shallow" packet inspection, both IPv4/v6 and TCP/UDP are supported:

Since it does bit banging to sniff out the explicit SSL 3.1 (TLS 1.0) signature, I don't recommend shipping it enabled in production, as that version number might increment in the future.

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I'll be giving a talk on developing for Chromecast next week at the Jo'burg Android user group. Join us.

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Some interesting thoughts on the Android N developer preview

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Don't forget that we are talking about data binding at the Johannesburg Android User Group tonight:

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Our next Android meetup will be on the 14th. Join us for an intro to data binding

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Some interesting resources of you are interested in Realm. Looks pretty cool.
An introduction into Realm

... here are two links where you can get your first impression on how #Realm works.

Fragmented Podcast #027 – Realm Realm Realm your boat (with Christian)
Realm pro and overall genius +Christian Melchior joins us in this episode to talk about all things Realm.

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Great intro on finding and fixing memory leaks in android apps.
Fixing Memory Leaks in Android - OutOfMemoryError

Memory leaks in Android are quite easy to create. The unsuspecting developer might be making a few memory leaks every day without realising it. You probably haven’t noticed them yet or even know that they exist. Until you see an exception like this…


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There's a lot of great tips and useful information here. If you are an Android dev you should be following it.
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