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Save more for your Christmas shopping! Use Groupon Coupons for fabulous deals from brands you love! #GrouponCoupons #ad #spon

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Review - Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet from
This is another product I have received from . They specialize in wallets with RFID for better protection of your card data against unscrupulous people. I received the Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet with cork leather, and I have asked my hus...

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Review - Kinzd Upgraded Accordion Wallet
Wallets are not my thing. I only have a few that I alternately use and one that I bring during my travels. However, with the increasing and alarmingly rates of information being stolen form your smart phones, and magnetic cards, and even machine-readable do...

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We Want You
Are you passionate? Are you determined? Are you looking for ways to augment your household income? Do you want to become your own boss someday? Do you want to start a business from home? Do you want to start a business with ZERO capital? Do you want to be i...

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Secret Morning Ritual to Nourish Your Body
Due to the dynamic and fast-paced environment most of us live in, it easily slips our mind to take care of what is our most valued possession – our body. This negligence is a mistake many make, since they are occupied with more urgent worries. However, it s...

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My First Commission in Nu Skin For May
I am giddy like a billy goat! Yes I am! I have just earned my first commission in Nu Skin and I have just started last April this year. Even then, I wasn't very active as I was on a holiday and was still testing some products so I could provide my personal ...

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Red, White, and Wow Sale from Gymboree
** This post contains affiliate links. I will get compensated when you make a purchase. Thank you. If you're missing out on some of the past deals from your favourite shops for your kids, fret not! There's still great brands out there like Gymboree where yo...

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6 Things To Get Rid Of Oily Skin
Oily skin happens when your skin’s oil glands are over productive. It can be due to your genetics, stress or the food you eat. Normally, your skin produces oil to protect itself against bad microorganisms. Your natural oils are also helpful in lubricating t...

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Is Dental Floss Really Necessary?
We all know the standard advice to good dental health: brush after every meal and floss regularly. This is a well-known practice in general dentistry , and really does sound like a good approach to keeping teeth and gums healthy. Unfortunately, it can be a...

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Can Drinking More Spring or Filtered Water Improve Your Health?
Water is an essential substance on our planet. Our bodies are 60 percent water, and without water, we would die within a few days. There are many figures that consider multiple variables to calculate how much water we should have each day, but the more comm...
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