Why in the world has it taken this long to do a comparison for heaven's sake ?

"But Sanders' call for universal healthcare, a higher minimum wage and subsidised higher education are hardly radical by British standards."
The first one is true, the second one is also true but with complications, but these days subsidising higher education does seem to be an idea going against the grain, if not actually radical.

"Sanders has expressed doubt over the need for America to have thousands of new nuclear warheads but, unlike Corbyn, he is no unilateralist. That really would be political suicide for a would-be American president and commander-in-chief."
I'm not sure it's doing Corbyn any favours either. It wins him support from a minority who agree with him but that's about it.

"The Clinton/Blair era of safe, "centre ground" politics appears to be over on both sides of the Atlantic."
Well across the pond it seems to have been over for decades, but as for Britain I'm not so sure. I think we've seen some very clever shifting of the goalposts on both sides, or, more subtly, some clever shifting of where the goalposts are perceived to be. "This idea isn't radical, that one is !" In the rush for the centre by the two largest parties, the true centrists - the Lib Dems - got squashed. Now it's a war to tell people what the centre ground really is and how - coincidentally - whoever's telling where it is happens to be standing right on it. Hence the Tories can claim, absurdly, to say that they're "the party of Labour" while Labour can claim that throwing away a major defence policy of the last few decades is a perfectly sensible thing to do that will make the world a better place.
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