I blocked my first follower.

After the "disgusting black African males" comment, a certain John Rigby responded with :

You are a typical emotional child yet, Rhys. 
How DARE you challenge an intellect of PROVEN and acceptable to the scientific world. [This being in relation to notable racist James Watson]
You have been nowhere, done nothing and still are nothing. May never amount to beyond nothing with that childish pretension.
I was wrong about you.
You obviously are no intellect - merely yet another Socialist/communist dupe.
It will be interesting to see if you do leave my considered postings in place - including this one ................ or do you have to be "Right"? 

Think on it. Before you react.

I won't be back, you will be safe from any form of discourse.
[This was followed about a minute later by another comment on another thread]

OH NOES ! A RACIST IS INSULTING ME ! I FEEL.... proud, actually. :D

Blocked and reported for hate speech.
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