How come when one applies the "criminals don't follow gun laws" nonsense to other topics, other laws, it sounds completely STUPID and DEVOID OF LOGIC and JUSTICE?
"Speeders don't follow speed limits.  Only law abiding drivers follow speed limits.  And there is just no evidence that speed limits prevent speeding."

"Tax evaders don't follow the tax code.  Only law abiding tax payers pay taxes.  And there is just no evidence that tax laws prevent tax evasion."

"Dog owners don't follow the 'pooper scooper laws'.  Only well trained dogs and responsible dog owners follow 'pooper scooper laws'.  And there is just no evidence that 'pooper scooper laws' prevent puppy poo."

"Republicans don't say anything truthful.  Only scientifically literate Democrats even attempt to stay in the realm of logic and reason.  There is zero evidence that the Code of Official Conduct of Congress prevents Marco Rubio from reiterating utterly stupid stuff."
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