I don't think I ever fully understood the "appeal to authority" fallacy until a few hours ago.

Scientist A writes a paper on a possible way of solving a long-standing problem in cosmology. Scientist B, who is older and more experienced, says, "my trustworthy collaborator Scientist C says this paper is wrong, here are his arguments." I go away and read the paper and C's arguments and I find in favour of A. I report back to scientist B with a detailed report of why I think C is in error.

Scientist B responds with, "Scientist C and myself are experts in this field, we know it can't be right, therefore how can it be true ?" and nothing else.

By itself, "I know they're wrong because I'm an expert" is a complete non-argument. This should not be confused with, "here are my expert, detailed opinions as to why they're wrong." 

I'm still holding out hope that in this particular case B and/or C will eventually follow-up with proper arguments, though I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.
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