No spoilers.

I'm not a fan of superhero movies in general but I did enjoy this one. It doesn't take itself too seriously and people seem to actually enjoy superpowers instead of drowning in their own angsty tears the whole time. Even Benedict Cumberbatch tones down the usual in-your-face arrogance. He's still... well, not all that nice, but nowhere near the level of assholery that defines Sherlock. Plus the man was practically born to wear a cape (the cape itself has some acting talent, which is unusual). He really should play a Time Lord at some point.

It's pretty well-paced film with a halfway interesting plot about mystical philosophy. But then I've always had a soft spot for movies in which scientists are forced to confront observations which break their view of reality into itty-bitty pieces... in this case literally. Special effects are like Inception on steroids. Lots and lots of steroids. What could have just been "a big glowy thing" instead becomes quite beautiful. There's some real creativity gone into depicting a fractured reality and spiritual dimensions. Think Inception+The Matrix+Dr Who.

I give this a totally solid 7/10, maybe pushing an 8. It's a very nice work of light entertainment. There's nothing groundbreaking here, but it's enjoyable from start to finish, never loses its humour, and is generally well executed in every regard. Its only real weakness is the main villain, who is introduced a bit too suddenly without sufficient explanation. He somewhat lacks any real sense of menace as a result, which would have been nice. But it doesn't really matter, and I'd rather something fun than yet another "oh woe is me, my only superpower is my sheer angsty mopiness and capacity to endlessly complain the whole time!"

Stay in the cinema until the very end of the credits, because there are couple of extra bits after the end.
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