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If you don't need negativity in your life, scroll past this rant.

Actually pretty angry with Origin Energy who refused to remove a default listing after their systems failed on numerous occasions.

Their process was HOPELESS and their faceless "management staff" are heartless and useless.

This is what they did:

I got a final bill, I paid it.
I got ANOTHER final bill.
I called numerous times, their systems told me THEY owed ME $200.
I figured that the emails I was getting about the money that I owed them must have been one of those dodgy spam phishing emails.
They NEVER sent me any information about the money they owed me.
After numerous attempts where their systems would hang up on me after telling me they owed me money I started getting threatening letters.
I finally managed to talk to a real person. That person took all my details, then passed me onto another person whom I had to repeat the story to.
They finally conceded I had two accounts, one that I owed them $720 and one that they owed me $200.
They agreed to put the $200 into the account with the outstanding $720.
I then made my error of forgetting to pay the remaining $520.
less than 2 weeks later I received a letter stating that they had default listed me as I had made no attempt to contact them and that no payment had been made on the account.
I then called the ombudsman.
They contacted me about a week later. After a long conversation, the customer service person agreed to talk to the supervisors.
She called back a week later. If I pay the outstanding amount she said the managers would look at the case.
I paid the money.
Today she called back. They refuse to remove the listing.

I now have a credit rating mark on my record for an account that has been paid.

They refuse to remove it.

I say, if you are with Origin, get out while the getting is good. Useless customer service and awful community spirit. Their shoddy systems led to this. I concede that I should have paid the account when I had the chance, that is my error, but now I am being punished for their crap systems.

Thankfully I am now with Port Power Sponsor Energy Australia. About to go and pay their bill.....

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This is a great opportunity for northern Adelaide based entrepreneurs. Please share.

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Check out the Polaris Centre's LinkedIn page

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Thanks to Raz and Daz for this #weareportadelaide #carnthepear
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This is a great event for anyone selling online!

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Here is a bug I saw in Port Elliot

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This looks interesting

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A very tasty aged Riesling from Little Brampton Wines in the Clare Valley. Still plenty of life here. Lime zest with petrol overtones and a viscous mouth feel. Thanks so much Pamela.

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Auto awesome from Christmas Day. 
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