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Rhys Miller
War. War never Changes.
War. War never Changes.


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Howdy everyone, I am looking for people to join a Stalker RPG group on MeWe. If you are interested please join here.

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Anyone who thinks that Antifa or Radical Left or Right leaning twats are good people honestly can fuck right off.

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I'm really glad someone is speaking up about these issues.

Is it possible to run HEX with one player and one GM?

Does Diaspora work for Play by Post?

What kind of music do you guys use in ConX games?

How does everyone make sense of Aegis Members being in a Cell far away from their Jurisdictions or Operating areas? Also, how does Aegis cover up the disappearances from their old jobs now that they work for Aegis?

Is it possible to play The Mutant Epoch with one player and One GM? If so, how?

What year does everyone start their Gangbuster game in?

Are we gonna see Glain fully fleshed out as a Basic Fantasy Setting?
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