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War. War never Changes.
War. War never Changes.

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Hands down an awesome Fan theory

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Howdy. I'm looking for 3 more players for Tales from The Loop which will be played via Discord and Roll20 every or every other Tuesday at 8:30 PM CDT.

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Howdy. I'm looking for some players for a Leverage Campaign over Roll20 and Discord. The game is weekly on Mondays at 8:30 PM CDT. If interested join my Roll20 listing.

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Howdy I'm currently looking for players for a Leverage Campaign over Roll20 and Discord, weekly at 8:30 PM CDT. If interested please make a post in my Roll20 LFG posting.

So would Firefly work with One Player and One GM?

Okay, I hope This isn't a bad question to ask. But has anyone statted up Yoda's Species in SW D6 REUP? If so could you share them?

How would You go about running a Highlander Campaign in Risus?

Has anyone made the Borg for Far Trek?

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I want this in a game so Fucking bad
CHARACTER TUESDAY presents Mos Eisley's own golden girl, ACKMENA, the night-shift bartender at Chalmun's cantina, from the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Here she is serving the patrons a last round before givin' em the boot, along with a slowed down almost vaporwave-style rendition of the cantina song:

Although I am too young to have seen her Maude tv series, I do have fond childhood memories of Bea Arthur from Golden Girls reruns, so I am glad that at least Ackmena herself was canonized via 2016's Star Wars: Complete Locations book. And that her write-up includes an X-30 Lancer pistol? You have Pablo Hidalgo to thank for that, as he arms her with one in his tongue-in-cheek drawing for "10 Most Unlikely Star Wars Unleashed" figures:

Ackmena character artwork by Nick Bondra:

Star Wars Holiday Special Logo by: Kane Fisher:

Would this game work for two players?
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