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Come and hangout with us on the chat team tomorrow! If you're interested in joining the hangout, be sure to comment on the ORIGINAL post for a chance to get invited.
Tomorrow, Friday April 13 at noon pacific time a few members of the Google Chat Team will be hanging out from the +Gmail page. They'd love to hear how you use Chat, where you prefer to Chat from, what you like about the product, and what you'd like to see improved. We're also happy to answer questions or take other Chat related feedback you have!

Leave a comment with the property where you typically chat from (Gmail, orkut, iGoogle, Google+, 3rd party client, etc) to be invited to the Hangout. We'd love to have you join us!
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I PM'd a screenshot to you re using chat in G+, I am east coast, but I believe 12 noon for you is 4pm for me? If so, I should be home and would love to participate. Thanks!
East coast is +3 hours to west coast, so 12 noon PDT is 3 PM EDT. Leave a comment on the original post if you're interested in chatting with us!
I think I can do that. So yes, please send me an Invite, I have nada on chat, not in Canary, chrome dev 20. nor firefox, but yes when in incognito! so what am I doing wrong? I did not even have chrome installed when I was using firefox a short while ago.
So chat is working for you in Chrome incognito window, but not the main Chrome window or firefox? How long ago did you install Chrome? I would try clearing all your cookies in Chrome (simply signing in and out might suffice) and see if that helps. Another thing you might try is visit and see if that works, and then try refreshing the main page. It sounds to me like your browser cookies are in a strange state.
You are so kind to help with this all. No chat in Firefox, and that was while, I had no chrome, it was uninstalled. I re installed chrome Dev and that had been updated from 19. to 20. and also installed Canary. No chat in canary, but after a few minutes it refreshed itself and chat works. The waving the voodoo chicken at the laptop worked. I would still like to be invited to hangout, unless others need the seat more, as I would like to get a clear idea of this craziness. Hangouts have always worked for me. :-) Again thank you for being so kind.
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