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The Interwebs and the "people" who post to them always have an agenda. The sooner people are honest about it, the sooner open and valuable discourse can occur.

The worst offenders hide behind the anonymous Internet, an ugly place. Is there anybody who isn’t skeptical of anonymous commentary? Does anybody even read it anymore? Responding to it is like talking to your imaginary friend.

The next worse offenders are those who attempt to veil their agenda. You know, the guy who restates the obvious or poses pointless questions as filler just before he launches into a discourse begging the reader to believe that his company or viewpoint matters.

I work for +ServiceNow. I am very clear about my agenda. I am a self-proclaimed loud talker for ServiceNow. Fortunately, I can back up my agenda with facts that support the most unbelievable track record in the history of our industry. You can’t discredit what's happening here.

I try not to abuse the position though. If you’ve been paying any attention during the last four years, when I chirp about other vendors I’ve been specifically focused on the industry hippos (gorillas and elephants are too endearing). These are massive, publicly traded companies that behave more like banks and holding conglomerates than software companies.

I don’t have time for manufactured feelings (especially from the hippos in the cross hairs) when I ask hard questions or expose uncomfortable issues. The things they claim need a filter, someone to play devil’s advocate. We’re all adults here, right?

It's not like I’m calling names or saying their baby is ugly. I pride myself with simply providing a different way to think about the status quo. If you are the status quo then you have bigger problems than my mostly incoherent mumblings.

And don't confuse my arrogance toward other ITSM vendors with how ServiceNow does business. I'm just one guy, and I've been vocal about where the legit innovation is happening in this space outside of ServiceNow. Check out vendors like Beetil and +Zendesk and take notes.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what I post. Most ServiceNow competitors will never be happy if I’m pushing the “update” button on their favorite blog or social network.

A few pointers to keep in mind:

- Anonymity is the bane of genuine discourse on the Internet. If a website doesn't require authentication or registration to post comments, don’t bother. If you do, make sure to say who you are and let your agenda be known.- Add value and create conversation with thought-provoking commentary. Be lazy on your couch at home, not on the networks.
- Be wary of websites created by somebody with no knowledge or interest in the industry. They exist to sells ads, not to promote legit discourse.

Anybody who knows ServiceNow knows we have nothing to hide. The significant shift in the ITSM market led by ServiceNow speaks for itself. I don't need to reiterate established facts. Most ITSM vendors should be proud that one of their own is by some accounts the fastest-growing software company in the world. It is good for our industry.

If you want all the ServiceNow flowers and rainbows, go follow us at @ServiceNow, Facebook, or Google+. If you don’t like what I have to say you shouldn’t be reading this now, and I’d be happy to show you how to unfollow, filter out and avoid me altogether on the open-agenda, no-secrets Interwebs.
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Would love to know what spurred that grey areas with you
William: its not too hard to find. This makes me think of the ITSM Hot or Not list, where vendors were subverting competitor scores using anonymous posts. I appreciate Rhett's passion and openness, even when I don't agree with every display of that passion. We have this passive-aggressive culture (and I'm from Minnesota, the home of passive-aggressive behavior) that says we're not allowed to call out our competitors in public; while doing it anonymously or privately is OK. How messed up is that? By all means, call out your competitors. Just let us know who you are, and what you represent.
I saw that Forrester post and comments, was wondering where you left! You've spoken the minds of many passionate individuals who're backed by world-class products/services. One doesn't have to be a evangelist/chief handshaker//marketer/troller/whatever-name-begets to land up in this situation too. It's a mature world with unavoidable social networks. Every individual has a say. And darn I say, let your engineers and support personnel speak their minds out too. We at Freshdesk have a liberal social media policy which is (1) helping our cause, and (2) helping the people we were able to touch. Just my 2 cents - let more of your people be ambassadors and continue doing what you do with even more gusto! The world needs an open debate and the better products/services have to win.
I guess I'm the " guy" referred to by +Rhett Glauser above. Just to be clear, we did not conduct this poll. In this case we added a feature to turn off anonymous voting on the list at the request of the owner of the list. At Listly ( our goal is to provide a tool to help communities crowd source ranked lists and opinions. Crowd sourcing is too powerful to ignore. It brings tremendous amount of engagement. It's up to each community to figure out how best to apply it within their ecosystem. Our tool is continuously evolving to allow this (dislikes / anonymous voting can be turned off now at any time for example).
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