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Google+ is legitimately being shut-down over the course of the next 10 months. This means that we'll all be losing each-other, and our homes-away-from-home, and our communities. This is disastrous news.

In light of these events, I strongly urge you to contact me through other means so that we can remain in touch. Below you will find other ways to contact me.

Xbox Live: Legobrick1000
Discord: Legobrick#3730
Steam: Legobrick100

And maybe Hangouts will be okay? Not sure if Google plans on shutting down Hangouts alongside Google+ or not. If you have any other suggestions for where we could go, that'd be much appreciated. Many of us have RPs to keep going and friends to keep a hold of. If you don't find it important to remain in contact with me, that is okay. I wish you the best of luck, and goodbye.

+Drakle Studios
+Leman Russ
+Naru 'Sanav
+Vien 'Quitonm
+Chicken Wilson
+Spartan Johnathan Andrews
+Jib Jib
+Snowtrooper Officer
+Spartan-Samuel Caster
+GTFO My Pancake!
+Hyp Wolf
+Wighen 'Sakgr
+Dmitry Emanuils
+Marc Bonedragare
+Coen Lindsey
+Jack Pandalord
+Lieutenant Davis
+Rose Antirrhinum
+Shadow Stryker
+Folfie Lukather
+Zhar Ren
+Grim Looters
+Surpho 'Vadumai
+Gerythion Argarys
+Gaming Enthusiast Chris
+Ryau 'Cinotee
+Kallen R.
+Sergeant Mendez
+Firetail Taevarth
+Taylor Gray
+Matty the Warlock
+Gale Pahvoth
+Alexander the fox
+Lathrop Parangosky/Sohji
+Decent Dude Disease
+Schnellwing Antirrhinum
+Bryan Figueroa
+Jul 'Mdama
+caro Pahvoth
+Steve Hildebert
+Halcyon Storm
+Word Of Mouse
+Ian Hollier
+Jeffrey Cheng
+Cass ϟ
+Jacob Bridenbecker
+Doctor Strangelove
+Okan 'Zokamee
+Cosmic Eclipse
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I hate that I found this humorous... but can you blame me? Boston was swept-up by a molasses flood that killed 21 people and injured many others.

Maybe it's karma for the Boston Tea Party.
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Halo Infinite will feature split screen and Reach-inspired customization.

An art-style cherry-picked from the best designs in the series, a writer experienced with good storytelling, a new engine, built with PC in mind, splitscreen and customization...

Seems like 343 is pulling in all the stops to make Halo Infinite reminiscent of the older Halo games.

We'll see how well that works out for them.
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I haven't posted in a while(for reasons that would take too long to explain), but I had to once I read this.

This makes me happy. Star Trek is meant to be an optimistic display of the future and an example of morality, something that Discovery failed to represent. Something that the world needs right now.

As some commenter on this article said, "It was dark times that created the lightest character ever, Superman." Considering the world as it is right now, it's good to bring back a character like Picard. Someone dedicated to justice, almost righteously.

Though I'm not happy with CBS' approach to modern Star Trek shows, I can at least admire them for this.

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My friend just said something that instilled me with deep consideration.

Currently, human experimentation is illegal. But If soldiers are allowed to go to war and risk their life - and be heroes, then why can't people be allowed to risk their life in the name of voluntary human experimentation? Something that may benefit Humanity if the experiments are successful?
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Today is a big day for Fallout fans. Not only does the Fallout 76 beta begin tonight, but also the seven-years-in-development New Vegas mod, "Fallout: New California"(formerly known as Project Brazil) was released.

Trying to download F: New California, but right now the servers are overloaded with other people downloading it. Impressive, though not unexpected.
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In happier news, I have quite a fun Fallout 76 celebration planned on the game's release.

See, here in Findlay, just off from the university, me, my roommate, and a few other people put together a game night to play board-games. It's quite a fun little group. I plan on showing up with some fun Fallout-themed stuff, even if they don't get it. It'll still be fun.

I've already bought a really decent-looking vault 76 jumpsuit that'll arrive soon, and I plan on wearing my Fallout 4 Pip-Boy, complete with the Pip-Boy app loaded on it. I'm also currently in the process of making some minor, patch-work-like armor to wear over the top.

I also plan on making sweetrolls from the Fallout cookbook coming out soon, to bring to everyone. We usually eat pizza(My pizza intake has increased 4x), but no one'll turn down sweets.

On top of that, on the 15 minute walk there, I plan on having a bunch of Fallout music(and some really fancy, custom, recorded voice-overs as the radiohost) on shuffle, playing as we walk, for plenty of people to hear(and hopefully get).

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My friend and I just helped a homeless person on the way back home. He was a pretty cool person, super kind. He wasn't asking for anything, all he was doing was reminding people to be grateful for what they have. Apparently he travels.

We could've helped more, and I wish we had, but what we did do was give him our leftovers from Denny's. I hope he'll be alright.
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Theory: Fallout 76's post-launch support will gradually see time pass and some of Fallout's signature factions(and NPCs) start to form.
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We now know all the recipes included in the new Fallout cookbook coming out. A good portion of them are familiar from the game(Nuka-Cola, Deathclaw Omelet, YumYum Deviled Eggs) while some are new, but based on familiar things(Nuka-Cola BBQ sauce, Xander Root Miso Soup, Dusty's Brahmin Burgers).

What's neat is that, even though certain (simple) things are excluded, there are certain made-up recipes that include these things. For example, "Radscorpion en croute" - which means that we can assume that whatever meat they use in the recipe they consider a real-life analogue to radscorpion meat from the game.

What I find odd is the inclusion of beverages named after the Stimpak and Radaway. Alcoholic beverages with a fitting name, perhaps?
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