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Reynaldo Rivera
Aspiring Teacher, Tech geek, Amateur chef, Gamer
Aspiring Teacher, Tech geek, Amateur chef, Gamer

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Internet Explorer-- The Anime
Oh and this is legit, Inori Aizawa is the new mascot for Internet Explorer.

Her bio is as follows:
When I was younger, I used to be a clumsy, slow and awkward girl.

However, just like the story of ugly duckling, people told me that I have really matured and changed over the years. I feel confident in my abilities now, and I'm eager to show you what I can do.

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The best damn Music channel on YouTube all year with consistently  sharp lyrics.

My vote for the YouTube Music Awards easily goes to
Epic Rap Battles of History

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Japan punks like no other place.
Animated Photo

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Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't the restaurant's kitchen staff have scraped all that food off the trays and into a plastic bag? Looks like this food was all getting ready to be re-served.

Never eating at the Golden Corral.

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It's as good a theory as any and is quite compelling.
Click "Read more" to see Mike's theory on how why China is the source of the Prism leak.
Why I suspect China of leaking Prism.

Did the Prism presentation leak at exactly the perfect moment for maximum benefit for the Chinese government, or was that just an amazing coincidence?

Momentum and moral outrage about Chinese government hacking has been building up for years. Finally, this weekend, President Obama was scheduled to call China's new President President Xi Jinping (shee jihn-peeng) out on the carpet, take him to the woodshed and do other cliches to him about China's intense hacking.

But after years of being kept secret, facts about the Prism program leaked just days before Obama was going to lecture Xi on hacking, which resulted in domestic US outrage over Prismgate reaching a crescendo just as the leaders met.

Whenever China is accused of hacking, they always deny it, and follow the denial up with the charge that the US is the world's biggest hacker.

Everybody assumes that China knew about Prism (one benefit of all that hacking). If they didn't leak it in order to undermine Obama's moral authority and political juice, why didn't they? It all turned out beautifully for China.

The error on Obama's part was to emphasize hacking, rather than IP theft. On the accusation of government hacking to steal trade secrets, the US does have the moral high ground. But on the area of "hacking"? Forget it. The US government probably IS the world's biggest hacker.

(Pic props to _ _ +Dan Gillmor _ _ and Nerdcore: _ )_

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My reaction when I found out that #Reader is going down... Hitler hit this one on the nose man.

Hey #Microsoft ! Want me to use my Live account a little more? Make an RSS web client as part of #SkyDrive . Seriously, I will migrate. Big bonus points if you can make migration from #GoogleReader easy.

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