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Looking for business growth? Here's something to consider. 
Are you planting in rocky soil? I was listening to a folk song on the radio and the song was about “planting in stony ground”. As I listened I realized the message of the song could have, maybe even should have been directed toward small business owners. One of the cumulative reasons most businesses do …
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Rex Richard

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Dear Pool Industry and Facebook Friends,

Join me on an amazing adventure of fun and mind blowing brainstorms and networking on the 2016 Pool Genius Marketing Cruise, together with Michael Filsaime, and many other world class marketers.

Cabins completely sold out last year and are selling out fast, so don't wait another minute to sign up!
Setting Sail Sat. January 23rd to Sun. 31st, 2016 Click Here To Register Now or Click Here For Cruise Details And Reservation Instructions Join us in the exotic southern Caribbean islands of Grand ...
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Rex Richard

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Happy New Year!

May your achievements be multiplied and your vision magnified!
With the new year soon to be upon us, it's a time to reflect and and set resolutions for your upcoming successful year. The sad fact is that many peop
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Rex Richard

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These 5 "tips" are strategies that have made the efforts of many great people grow exponentially. What are you doing to stay ahead of your business
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Excellent tips!!!
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Rex Richard

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There aren't too many times when I make a sweeping statement as it relates to business ownership, but when it comes to blogging, I believe that every
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Rex Richard

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Moving from Facebook...

What do you think are the best ways to use G+ to connect?

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Rex Richard

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(Advertising) W/elcome to Google+ United State World Champions.
A new community to united all world champions and forme,r world champions in the United State.
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Rex Richard

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Plan Your 2015 Networking Strategy
2015 is fast approaching and it's the ideal time to make plans for your 2015 networking strategy. Networking events not only help grow your business,
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Rex Richard

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Love the Onion. They make so much sense... in a senseless sort of way...
WASHINGTON—Addressing concerns that the Obama administration was selectively ignoring their ongoing demonstrations against the Chinese government, White House officials held a press conference Wednesday to reassure Hong Kong residents that their pro...
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More than just "websites"... we build "Lead Crushing", Web Dominating" machines!
Website Developer, Entrepreneur, Innovator, WordPress Niche Master, Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer

1) Web Tech Innovation:

Peak Dynamics LLC - develops, hosts, manages, and optimizes, WordPress and WordPress Multisite platforms. These technologically advanced websites are ideal for establishing a high search rank and highly flexible web solution for small businesses. No other platform has provided the same rank success and it remains the top choice of news outlets and content marketers by a serious margin.

A pioneer in WaaS, (Websites as a Service), Peak Dynamics harnesses the synergistic power of service and technology to empower the success of the small business entrepreneur. 

2) Business Coach:

Through Extreme Success LLC, Rex provides unique business success coaching with an emphasis on the primary element that blocks the flow of progress in most businesses... the owners behavior. 

The focus of Extreme Success is applying specific skills that force small business owners to create profitable enterprises while saving money, having fun, and securing their future.

3) Speaker / Trainer :

Rex consolidates his vast experience and speaking skills into an impacting and transforming presentation.

Skills Include:

Accomplished "business builder" (established operated and/or sold 8 businesses)
Pool designer/contractor of exquisite aquatic projects, 
Business executive 

27 years pool design and construction, building over 450 pools per year; founded and owned businesses in the fields of energy management, solar contracting, and water purification; 21 years internet marketing research and product development; 14 years public speaking; 14 years business coaching.

Specialties: Innovative web technology solutions, market capture strategies, advanced application of "social marketing", effective search engine optimization, creating efficient automated business systems, and facilitated brainstorm coaching for complex problem resolution.
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I am looking for a combination chech valve and flow meter. I have seen called Flow Viz . Where can I buy one?

The owner, Seth is always on time, and his word is gold. He provides any service you may need from weekly cleanings to repairs - to complete remodels. He is available and follows up. I recommend Swimright Pool Service to all considering a pool cleaning and or repair service.
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