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Derek Dennison
I don't make sense.. except for the times I do.
I don't make sense.. except for the times I do.

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The weather warms up and the #cameltoes run rampant! Watch out, those fr's look hungry! 

I really should have sold my soul as a #leprechaun impersonator. #StPattys 

Power outage while 50°s? Alright, I'll stop writing an go outside. 

No, I'm not going to sign a petition to raise the #minwage for Fed contract workers. Make it the new #FedMinWage & I might. #AllOrNone 

If you'd smelt that, you'd wish you'd have dealt that. #stinkymcstinkerson 

White Russians are 50/50 milk an rum right? #neverabartender #itisinmyhouse 

Some habits are hard to break, some are easy. Finding the right way to despise them makes some habits even easier to break. 

When the local news is all about escaped convicts, rehabilitating convicts, & reducing crime rates; it might be time to rethink the process. 

36° is the new hoodie weather. 
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